Well Prepared For Your Future In Audio

A growing number of game studios and TV/film post-production facilities as well as broadcasters rely on Nuendo in their daily business. Among them are companies like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Microsoft, RTL, Europasound, NC Soft and NHK, all of which benefit from Nuendo’s unparalleled feature set and the industry’s most attractive pricing. Nuendo is more than just a software application — it is the centerpiece of a complete studio solution that comprises the Yamaha Nuage DAW controller, interfaces, synchronizers, and other peripherals.

Nuendo Educator version for education facilities

Offer students a true career prospect by creating audio courses that are related to picture work. Be it games, television, film, broadcast or immersive content, the growing demand for students in these billion-dollar industries makes any audio course focused on them more attractive.

Equipping your facility with Nuendo may be a first or you might consider expanding your existing course offer to include it. Either way, if you would like to benefit from Nuendo Educator, we are here to turn your plans into reality. Not only do we offer train-the-trainer support, help with education material and promotion of your new Nuendo course, your facility could become an official Steinberg Training Center, gaining from even more services and a stronger presence in the media industry. And with the Nuendo Student version, we offer your students a cost-effective solution to continue their work with Nuendo at home.

Nuendo Student version for enrolled students

Are you currently enrolled in an audio or media course? if so, you are eligible for a Nuendo Student version at a very special price. Being the technology leader in audio post-production, Nuendo includes unique features that will help you work with game middleware, mix for TV shows, compose and design sound for film projects or record dialog (ADR) for foreign language dubbing. Choose Nuendo to harness unrivaled game audio, TV, film, broadcast and virtual reality audio-authoring workflows that are sure to leave an impression on future employers. Stay one step ahead of the competition by working faster, more efficiently and by demonstrating a high degree of professionalism. This, in turn, prepares you well for the audio job you aspire to — at international game companies, post-production houses, broadcasters or as a successful freelance.

Nuendo Educator 365 days (time-limited license)

This new product comprises a one-year time limited license, perfect for institutions that need to equip a large number of workstations for educational purposes without a significant upfront investment, thanks to a lower annual renewal fee. As its name states, this license is limited to 365 days and requires a yearly renewal. All Nuendo program updates – including usually paid versions – are included in the renewal fee and, if a new version of Nuendo is released while the license is valid, you only need to update your eLicenser Control Center (eLC). In this way, the license on the USB eLicenser key will gain extended permission to run the newest available version of Nuendo. You can then download and install the latest release and start enjoying the new functionality right away.

Teachers, tutors and educational institutions need to be eligible for this product.