The No.1 Choice For Game Audio

Besides all its well-known music production and post-production features and capabilities, Nuendo includes a plethora of well-thought-out functionality, exclusively designed for Game Audio, that we guarantee will speed up your workflow exponentially. After careful consideration of the game audio community’s needs, Nuendo is integrating more and more unique features that help to compose interactive music and create thousands of sound assets. These can then be imported into a game engine, ensuring that you will never lose the overview of all those sounds and will always allow you to go back to your original projects, just in case you need to make changes or create new ones.

Game Audio Connect

Nuendo 7 gave life to Game Audio Connect, a revolutionary interconnection between your favorite DAW and Audiokinetic’s game audio middleware, Wwise. This feature allows transferring audio files directly from a Nuendo project into Wwise, including naming schemes and metadata that will remember the origin of those files, so that you can re-open your Nuendo projects from within your Wwise session to further edit your sound assets. You can also transfer entire interactive sections of your compositions from Nuendo as music segments into Wwise, including audio and MIDI tracks, as well as cycle and cue markers. Also possible is to create Nuendo projects directly from Wwise segments, effectively using Nuendo as a MIDI editor for Wwise.
From Nuendo 11 on, Game Audio Connect also supports CRIWARE’s game audio middleware, ADX2.

Composing interactive music

Composing for games is a fun, yet challenging, task – so having the right toolset at hand will help you be more creative and efficient. Nuendo’s unparalleled workflow is designed towards interactive music composition. It allows you create chunks of music based on cycle markers, assign them multiple parallel busses, render all your tracks ‘in place’ (with effects if needed) and drag-and-drop transfer them to Wwise as music segments, including MIDI, audio and marker tracks, while keeping the tempo information. You can also go back to your original Nuendo project to keep composing, or create a whole new project out of a Wwise segment. As with every workflow approach in Nuendo, you take care of being creative, Nuendo will take care of the rest.

Sound Editing and Design

Nuendo is a compelling solution for sound designers. Besides the comprehensive included sound content, Nuendo offers high-quality tools such as the Randomizer to create many variations of one sound automatically, the VoiceDesigner to transform voices into out-of-this-world sound effects, an integrated Doppler effect, a Sampler Track to create whole libraries of sounds right from within the project window, and many others. Additional fantastic editing functionality, such as Direct Offline Processing for applying effects and processes to a number of selected clips at once, will also speed-up your sound design workflow. The many included VST instruments, effects and presets will make creating new sounds an enjoyable experience and push your creativity to its highest potential, while leaving the tedious repetitive work to the DAW.

Renaming events by list

Dialog in games usually consists of many individual audio clips that will be triggered interactively, depending on what is happening in the game. This means that a single line of dialog is likely to contain more than ten audio clips, which all have to be recognizable by the engine to be played back correctly. Nuendo will automatically rename all your dialog events at once. By importing a CSV file with all the relevant data, it will assign the corresponding name to each selected audio event while allowing you to re-align, edit and preview the results, to make sure that it is all correct. Most importantly, instead of having to manually rename thousands of audio files, which could take weeks of work, Nuendo will do it for you in a matter of seconds.

Exporting events as files

Dialog tracks, sound effects and interactive music in a game are mostly groups of single audio assets that will be triggered as the player interacts with specific objects, characters or situations. Every asset in a Nuendo project can be exported quickly and easily to your hard drive or directly to your Audio Middleware (via GAC), thanks to Nuendo’s Export selected events dialog. You can choose to render the insert plug-ins into the files, include the master channel effects if needed, render MIDI events into audio files and apply a pre-defined naming scheme to keep track of all your assets. It is also possible to bounce a selection of several audio files to a new track within the same Nuendo project (render-in-place).

Version Control with Perforce

Last but not least, Game Audio Connect provides seamless integration with the Perforce version control system. Version control allows you to manage changes over time and track revisions of your project’s assets, facilitating seamless collaboration and further work on existing projects. Thanks to Perforce version control, any change in the Nuendo project is automatically monitored in the background, making manual interaction unnecessary.