Creativity Unleashed. Professional Composing For Picture.

A large part of media production is music. Without music, a film, TV show, commercial or a video game would be nothing like the full experience. Composing for picture is a complete workflow on its own, because the mood of the music has to fit the theme of the visuals that it accompanies. Being developed with the same code as Cubase — one of the world’s best and most well-known music production platforms — Nuendo includes every music production feature, tool and workflow you will need to score hours of music for film or games, right there in the box... on your computer and in your studio... without the need for expensive external equipment or outboard hardware.


Nuendo’s composing functionality could be described as “genius”. It includes a score editor, letting you write music notation directly into the software, while MIDI functionality is extremely advanced and flexible — including the unique Expression Maps, Note Expression technology and MPE support. Chord Track and Chord Pads will give you that extra inspirational push whenever you are stuck in the creative process and – when you want your listeners to be in suspense, wondering what will come next — the Tempo and Signature Tracks allow you to create very complex tempo variations within scores. Of course, you can use the Arranger Track and TrackVersions to create different versions of your songs, freeing your creativity to wander at will, then deciding later which are the best tracks to use.


Nuendo’s audio engine ensures that all your recordings have the highest, purest quality possible. With support for up to 256 audio inputs, you will never run out of possibilities —even when recording large orchestras. When complex time signatures are needed, Nuendo’s advanced Metronome supports a wide variety of different click patterns and sounds, to ensure maximum comfort for your musicians. And you need never miss the perfect take while rehearsing, thanks to the Pre-Record and Retrospective Record capabilities. The Control Room gives you total control of cue levels and monitor mixes during recording, while the Audio Pool ensures that you always have full access to all available audio files, even when they are no longer needed in the project.


When it comes to editing audio, Nuendo has an answer for every task, whether it’s for surgical, sample-accurate editing or for group editing of many tracks at once. Hitpoint detection, Audio Warping, Time Stretching and Pitching are just a few of the many tools available in the Sample Editor. With the Comping tool you can choose the best parts of each take, while with VariAudio you can polish your vocals to perfection. Edit your audio clips directly on the project window or within the Audio Part Editor and adjust the tempo of your multitrack recordings almost automatically with the Audio Warp Quantize and the Audio Alignment panels.


For many producers, mixing is one of the most creatives tasks of music production. With Nuendo you will feel like you are mixing on a beautiful console, thanks to its pristine Channel Strip and EQ, array of high-quality real-time plug-in effects, a very flexible panning system and the most advanced automation panel on the market. Mixing music for surround or even immersive formats is as straightforward as mixing in stereo. And with so many monitoring options included as standard, you’ll enjoy your work like you are part of the audience. Last but not least, Nuendo offers many metering options to help make sure that you always stay within the approved loudness standards.


Once you have finished the creative part, it’s time to send your masterpiece to be compiled with the rest of the production. You can export your project as an AAF or an OMF file, ensuring maximum compatibility with other DAWs. You can also export your tracks as track archives. With the Render in Place functionality, you can create audio files from every single track in your project or export them as Stems via the Batch export functionality. And if you are sending your music to game audio middleware, you can use Game Audio Connect which will support audio and MIDI tracks, as well as cycle markers and tempo information.