The Gold Standard for Professional Audio

With an array of new and improved features, including the ability to produce Dolby Atmos content entirely within Nuendo, professional metering including a Netflix Loudness Meter and Intelligibility Meter, SpectraLayers One, enhanced sound design tools, exclusive sound effects content and much more, Nuendo 11 is the gold standard for professional audio production.

In-the-box ADM Authoring for Dolby Atmos®

You can now easily create content according to Dolby Atmos specifications completely within Nuendo, eliminating the need for external software or hardware. Developed in close cooperation with Dolby, the new ADM Authoring module and integrated Renderer for Dolby Atmos make it possible for even the smallest project studio to create Dolby Atmos content, bringing this cutting-edge technology within reach of every content producer. To immerse yourself in the rapidly expanding Dolby Atmos revolution, all you need is Nuendo 11.

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Intelligibility Meter

For many people, understanding the dialog of a film or a TV series can be difficult and tiring. To prevent this, Nuendo 11 includes a new meter for the objective measurement of speech intelligibility in real time. Using artificial intelligence-powered algorithms developed by the Oldenburg branch of the Fraunhofer IDMT in Germany, the audio signals are analyzed through a speech intelligibility model based on automatic speech recognition technologies. It calculates the perceived effort of the listener needed to understand the spoken word in a mix. (Only available in English and German.)

Netflix® Loudness Meter

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ are incredibly popular, with massive amounts of streamed content created by professional and project studios alike. TV sound is always different to what you hear at the movies so, to maintain consistency, this meter is calibrated to Netflix’s official Sound Mix Specifications and Best Practices, measuring the overall “dialog-gated” loudness at a standard reference of -27.0 LUFS.

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Post Presets and Game Sound-FX Content

Nuendo 11 includes a superb new collection of carefully selected sound effects content from leading SFX provider SoundBits. It features over 750 premium sound effects for games — including Foley, ambiences, impacts, vehicles and weapons — while more than 200 plug-in and track presets help you to quickly create a wide range of real and sci-fi environments, along with the sounds of everyday devices like telephones, radio, television, Skype voices and more.

Job Queues

A long-requested feature, you can now queue up to 20 different jobs — comprising stems (e.g. dialog, Foley, atmospheres and music) and everything that can be configured in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog (including different time selections, formats, name and export path) — in a single list, exporting them separately but all in one operation. It’s a feature that will save a huge amount of time in the post-production process, letting engineers spend more time on the creative process.

SpectraLayers One

SpectraLayers One — a simplified version of Steinberg’s acclaimed SpectraLayers 7 — brings a new world of ultra-precision audio editing to Nuendo 11. Thanks to its advanced ARA 2 technology, SpectraLayers One provides a spectrogram view of audio tracks with the ideal balance of selection, editing and display tools for surgical editing tasks like improving dialog and location sounds straight from a field recorder, with no need for any third-party application.

New and Improved Sound Design Tools

Work seamlessly with Soundly

You can now send files from Soundly — the complete sound effects platform — into Nuendo 11 with just one click. Find your perfect sound in the massive Soundly cloud library, use its powerful search engine on your local files, then drag and drop or spot sounds directly into the Nuendo timeline. With its intuitive interface, fast operation and professional sound library, Soundly is the perfect companion app for sound designers using Nuendo.

MultiTap Delay Surround Support

Now supporting up to 7.1 surround sound, Nuendo’s new MultiTap Delay has all the creative options you need to enhance otherworldly and spatial atmospheres. You can quickly and easily create up to eight taps per delay loop, harness the sound of digital delays or vintage echo units and add effects to the complete output, only the delay loops or even each individual tap.

Dynamic EQ in Frequency 2

Dynamic equalization can help to create clearer sound effects. Frequency 2’s filter node is dependent on the input signal and, with each of its eight bands able to be individually set to dynamic mode and have its own independent side-chain, it can help you to achieve amazingly precise dynamic mixing.

Music Features

Enhanced Synchronization

Global Tracks can now be displayed in the Key Editor, making staying in synchronization with tempo

New Multiple Side-Chain Support

Squasher and Frequency 2 are the first plug-ins that support the new multiple side-chain input

Key Editor

You can now create ramps and curves in the CC and Pitch Bend lanes in the Key Editor, just like

Scale Assistant

Making harmonic accuracy much quicker, the Scale Assistant lets you set the scale of a piece of

Score Editor

You can now use the Note Length and Velocity Overlays to edit notes as conveniently as in the Key

Inspiring New Sample Sets

Look no further for soundtrack inspiration, thanks to six great sound and loop sets. There’s the

Workflow improvements

Time is always precious in the professional audio business, so Nuendo includes many time-saving features and workflow enhancements to help you create content as quickly and efficiently as possible.