Nuendo 13 introduces unique and time-saving features for dialogue editors, mixing and recording engineers, new integrated workflows for authoring MPEG-H Audio content, innovative tools for dialogue recording, Dolby Atmos improvements, additional plug-ins and more than 20 extra workflow enhancements.  With Nuendo 13, the future of post-production starts now.

Home of Dialogue 2.0

ADR Script Reader

Dialogue Recording

With ADR Script Reader, Nuendo 13 moves away from cumbersome, document-based workflows. It shows ADR takes via a web browser, on any tablet or laptop on the same LAN network, letting the voice talent have a digital script and the ability for an editor or the session director to change it instantaneously. Dialogue can be edited and notes added in Nuendo’s marker data, with no need for the inconvenience of syncing documents. A Dialogue Context Preview displays the dialogue lines before and after those selected, highlighting how the currently-selected line is embedded in the scene.


    Dialogue Editing

    TonalMatch is a new direct offline process (DOP) which analyses the sound characteristics of an audio recording and enables it to be transferred to other clips, matching the spectral profile (EQ) and ambient noise floor. It can be used to match an ADR session to the original production sound more quickly and precisely than has previously been achievable using EQs and/or other editing plug-ins.


      Dialogue Editing

      VoiceSeparator is a new, AI-based VST plug-in which is trained to detect and isolate spoken dialogue from complex background noises, including other voices, and also to reduce or remove undesired voice sounds from background and ambient recordings. Used as an insert effect or DOP, it can be used to quickly isolate the sounds that are wanted and to remove those that aren’t.

        VocalChain Plug-in

        Dialogue Editing

        Dialogue editing, processing and creative voice sound design are arts of their own, needing a lot of expertise and experience to master. The new VocalChain plug-in includes dedicated modules for the different steps of voice processing, helping to deliver excellent results. With a wide range of presets exclusively for post-production, VocalChain makes voice sound design faster and more efficient than ever.

          Detect Silence Extensions

          Dialogue Editing

          Cleaning up dialogue while keeping background noise for use on a different track is easier with the updated Detect Silence panel. Instead of only stripping silent parts, dialogue content can now be split automatically, then events can be created for the silent and non-silent areas. Dialogue and silent events can then be edited individually, as required by the project.

          • Bounce Empty Space

            Bounce Selection now allows blank audio clips to be created from any selection, which can be useful for filling gaps or for later offline processing.

          • Support for TTAL 1.1

            Nuendo 13 now provides greater support to TTAL-based Netflix dubbing workflows by supporting TTAL 1.1, including Forced Narrative and multi-character attributes.

          • ADR Swipe Improvements

            ADR count-in and swipe options can now be set independently. Black picture can be selected during pre-roll, regardless of count-in type.

          An Immersive Audio Experience

          Next Generation Audio

          MPEG-H Audio Support

          Nuendo 13 features a completely integrated workflow for authoring and mixing content for the object-based MPEG-H Audio format. The ADM Authoring window now offers it as a new format, where tracks and groups can be assigned as objects or beds to MPEG-H Audio components. In the new Renderer for MPEG-H plug-in, metadata parameters can be configured to create versions of the mix called ’presets’. These presets are a key feature of MPEG-H Audio, offering advanced interactivity options. From the Renderer the project can then be exported as MPEG-H ADM or MPEG-H Master files. Find out more

            Three-layer Z-Panning Mode

            MPEG-H Audio

            MPEG-H Audio requires three-layer z panning range for ‘below listener’ sounds, meaning the z parameter range must allow negative values. This is now possible in Nuendo 13. To ensure full compatibility with older projects and Nuendo versions, two user-selectable z panning modes are available – the new three-layer and the previous two-layer.

            ADM Authoring Formats

            Immersive Audio

            The ADM Authoring window has been updated to support different immersive formats - Dolby Atmos (Internal Renderer), Dolby Atmos (External Renderer), MPEG-H and OSC. After selecting the desired object-based authoring format, the ADM editor will display the attributes and settings available for that format.

              Renderer for Dolby Atmos Enhancements

              Dolby Atmos

              The new Renderer for Dolby Atmos adds 9.1.6 speaker configuration support, a common cinema format used in many studios and for Atmos-enabled Home Theaters, so supporting this format brings Nuendo 13 into line with the latest surround sound developments.

                Mixing and Sound Design

                More Models for Headphones Match

                Headphones Match has been updated with five extra headphone models: Shure SRH 1840, Audio Technica…

                Channel Tab

                The new Channel tab in the Project window gives direct access to all functions of the channel…

                Redesigned MixConsole

                The MixConsole has been overhauled with a streamlined design, providing more straightforward…


                Get really creative with vocal sound design and add analog flavor to audio clips with the…

                EQ-P1A and EQ-M5 Equalizers

                Two new equalizers, the EQ-P1A and the EQ-M5, add a classy sound to your productions.

                Black Valve and VoxComp Compressors

                These two new compressors provide even more control over your sound. The VoxComp is specifically…

                Sampler Track

                Sound design with the Sampler Track is now even more creative, thanks to stunning new Spectral…

                SpectraLayers One Update

                The new and improved SpectraLayers One features an updated spectral engine, state-of-the-art AI…

                Improve Your Productivity Exponentially

                Replace Audio in Video


                It’s now possible to export a new soundtrack directly into the original mp4 video file, avoiding time-consuming video re-rendering. This is useful in many situations - for example the composer previewing a film score, a scene with dialogue and SFX as a guide for the composer, a rehearsal reel for a voice actor before ADR recording or other previews provided by sound editors.

                  Track Versions for Video Tracks


                  When producing to picture, a project often needs to be edited to new versions of a video file. Making A-B video edit comparisons within a project is now more convenient with Track Versions for the video track. This allows the inclusion of specific versions of a video file with a set of other tracks, then to refer back to previous edits by switching track versions.

                    Track Import Improvements


                    Nuendo 13 includes new track import improvements, to make bringing content in from a variety of delivered reels and project files more flexible. The revised import dialog includes options for more flexibility and control when importing tracks, events and time ranges, as well as the ability to restrict the range of imported events and how they are merged to existing tracks.

                      Project Templates


                      If you’re new to Nuendo or switching from a different DAW, these new project templates will get you started quickly. They include stereo and surround, up to Dolby Atmos post-production projects, ADR sessions and immersive audio formats like MPEG-H, Ambisonics and Dolby Atmos music.

                        New Key Commands Dialog


                        The new Key Command dialog makes managing shortcuts quick and easy. Find commands with the dynamic filter and try new macros on the fly. Many new commands have also been added, including rename selected events, add marker on active marker track, and move range to next hit point.

                          Playback Start Point


                          When switching from a different DAW, it can sometimes be difficult to adapt to different workflows. The playback start position can now be configured from the current location, cycle start or selection, which is a familiar workflow in other DAWs. ‘Return to start position on stop’ is also available.

                            Audition Unprocessed Sound for DOP


                            Comparing audio events processed with DOP against their previous state is easier. By ALT-clicking on the audition button, processing can be bypassed when previewing clips.

                              Modern Video Engine


                              The video engine for Windows systems has been improved, including GPU hardware decoding for H.264 and better overall performance. Video playback is now more fluent.

                                Switch Channel Configuration


                                The channel configuration can now be switched from mono to stereo and vice versa with a single click.

                                  Vertical Zoom with Mouse Wheel


                                  Zoom in and out vertically with the mouse wheel, to a choice of transport or selection, by pressing CMD+Shift.

                                    Hybrid CPU Architecture Support


                                    Nuendo 13 takes full advantage of modern computer CPUs for enhanced audio processing.

                                      Better Windows Handling


                                      Nuendo 13 features Windows-compliant multi-window handling.

                                        For Music Creatives.

                                        Drum and Key Editor Enhancements

                                        The Range tool is now available in the Key Editor and Drum Editors. Editing multiple parts from within the Key and Drum Editors is now possible, as well as switching between tracks with the new Visibility tab and maintaining an overview with the new Track display.

                                        MIDI 2.0

                                        Nuendo 13 now supports MIDI 2.0, including high resolution velocity, CC, aftertouch, pitch bend, and poly pressure data.

                                          Simplified CC Recording

                                          MIDI CCs can now be recorded in simplified ramps to make it quicker and easier for editing the controller events afterwards.

                                            Tap to Tempo

                                            The project tempo can be easily adjusted to the beat with the new Tap Tempo feature on the Transport Bar.

                                              Flexible Return Channels

                                              Instrument tracks/racks/sampler return channels can be set as inputs for audio tracks, as well as FX and group channels.