Sequel — Free Music Production Software For Windows

Sequel has everything you need to make your ideas fly and shine in the best most possible way. Plus, it’s easy to use: recording and performing music is as intuitive as you would like it to be, and comes with an array of quality recording and editing tools you wouldn’t expect in an entry-level workstation (Windows only).

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Full range of pro-audio effects

More than 5,000 high-quality loops and sounds

One-click tempo detection

Easy-to-learn one-window design

Turn your bedroom into a full-fledged studio

Overflowing with premium content that spans more than 5,000 loops and sounds, Sequel lets you get started with making music in next to no time. Play a hook, add a bassline and give it some depth by choosing from the many available pads, all easily accessible through the acclaimed media management too, MediBay. Choose Step Envelopes to tweak loops or use élastique Pro, high-quality time stretching and pitch shifting tool, to adjust tempo and tone in stunning audio quality.

From the first inspiration to writing the next big hit

With Sequel, every time you flip on your PC, your computer turns into one massive sound studio: synths, drum kits plus guitar amps, cabs and stomp boxes at your fingertips. Take it along to band practice, record the lot and head on back home to give it a professional makeover. The many tools at hand help you to adjust tempo, pitch and stretch audio or use the onboard effects to create insane sound combinations. By supporting Virtual Studio Technology, you can continue to add to the number of effects and instruments — providing endless possibilities, easily controlled using your MIDI keyboard. In fact, use MIDI to trigger parts of your arrangement when in performance mode and play your track in different ways.

If it’s easy, is it fun?

Rocking out of your computer has never been more fun. Grab your six-string, plug into your box running Sequel and jam until your fingers fall off. Boasting an arsenal of virtual amps, speaker cabinets and effects pedals, the VST Amp Rack SE is one powerful guitar amp simulator that’ll dish out any gnarly sound you want. One of the many Sequel features that make you go absolutely wild with your music is Tempo Detection: remix your track in real time or put together another mixtape of some of the long forgotten gems buried deep down within your music library.

Please note that since this is a free Windows-only software download, we do not offer any support for it.