Creativity and technical mastery

Freeform expression and technical precision are two sides of the same coin. In SpectraLayers, you can freely move audio around, as well as make very specific edits. You can cycle through random ideas with lightning speed, or dig in and go microscopic, all with technical and artistic brilliance.

Sound Design

Expect the unexpected

The creative sound design capabilities inside SpectraLayers might be its best kept secret. Every process designed to do a specific task can be implemented to derive new sounds. The unmixing processes are fast and thorough, with the SpectraLayers AI easily keeping up with your rapid creative flow.

What benefits one, benefits you

SpectraLayers improvements that benefit all users will be particularly useful to sound designers. These include improved selection and preview tools, improved copy/paste functionality, more accurate pitch shifting, the ability to save and recall multiple selections with projects, and the ability to focus the application more tightly in ARA mode when working in Cubase or Nuendo.

Speed and serendipity

Sound design work is always full of surprises. SpectraLayers delivers surprising —occasionally startling — results at every turn. The tools, processes and layers work non-destructively together on the SpectraLayers platform, all while anchored to the DAW timeline. It’s all instantly accessible in your workflow.


The contemporary audio mastering suite

Nowadays, mastering engineers are being called upon to provide expanded services that intersect with mixing duties, up to and including stem mastering. In any mastering scenario, SpectraLayers Pro provides a unique stage for performing deep editing and production moves. Visually sort, sculpt, and process frequency ranges. Select and isolate discrete audio events for signal and effects processing on independent layers. Perform precise manual and AI-assisted global edits.

Audio Forensics

Every picture tells a story

Spectral analysis is used extensively in audio forensics labs. SpectraLayers transforms sound into detailed visual landscapes that can be explored deeply and meticulously worked on. Discovery, clarification, enhancement — no other application offers this level of power for finding the relevant content within audio source material. In SpectraLayers, every picture tells a story. The deeper you look, the more you'll find.