Spectral precision, every step of the way.

Producers today mix their music non-stop, from the demo stage all the way to the mastering suite. SpectraLayers can work wonders at every step by performing an extraordinary range of tasks, from lifesaving error corrections to pure sound design magic.

Something for everyone

In the digital audio recording process, tiny, fleeting errors can cause big problems. The goal is always to find and use the least invasive solutions, avoid audio artifacts, and maintain sonic integrity. This is where SpectraLayers shines, with sample-accurate precision. If you work with music and sound, you need SpectraLayers.

Experimental music producers

Mold sound down to atomic level in SpectraLayers. AI-driven processes can split sounds into breakout component tracks right on the Cubase and Nuendo timelines. Process layers independently and remix the results into completely new composite sounds. Use Spectral Imprinting to play layers off one another, generating completely original, highly nuanced tracks.

Music improvisation

SpectraLayers has intelligent tools that seek and identify sonic targets, quickly and accurately, in a workflow that can feel like pure improvisation. The combined effect of AI implementation and ARA 2 integration makes high-precision audio editing and creative sound design work flow with your imagination and creative impulses.

Sampler/remix artists

Take a song or a sample, break it out into individual instrument or frequency layers, and create mixes in the Layers Panel. Use AI to split a single beat loop into myriads of layers, and easily work with these components anywhere in the DAW ecosystem. It will help your creative bursts to consistently deliver fresh and inspiring results.


Great music always rises above the technical challenges of its time and place. Unearthed tracks, gems from the vault, that box of multitrack cassette tapes in the attic... breathe new life into these treasures by applying the most advanced AI-assisted processes and the most precise manual editing tools available — all on a single, robust platform.