Second-generation AI processing with a human touch

SpectraLayers 8 delivers a blend of process, tool, and workflow improvements. AI-driven processes now reach across layers to accomplish precision de-bleeding and more. Selection tools now provide more control over harmonics, attenuation, and pitch. Workflow enhancements — including improved ARA 2 DAW integration — bring the magic directly into your DAW project timeline. Immerse yourself in powerful, practical workflows with speed and depth, moving with ease from critical audio rescue missions to the most sophisticated sound design adventures in digital audio.

Smarter AI

Second-generation AI implementation in SpectraLayers includes the ability to work across multiple layers in the De-Bleed process, the introduction of AI in the Reverb Reduction process, and the addition of an alternate AI option in the Voice Denoiser. AI is proliferating quickly throughout the entire application, with all-new processes, improved code in existing AI-driven processes, and supercharged legacy tools with fresh new AI implementations.


Ambience Matching

Register a selection anywhere on the spectral graph as a room tone or background texture and apply the sound anywhere in your project. Try this feature in ARA mode on the Cubase and Nuendo timelines for effortless sweetening in post.

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EQ Matching

Register a selection anywhere on the spectral graph as an EQ profile and apply the profile across layers to achieve sonic conformity. Use this adjustable algorithm at the tracking and mastering stages in music, as well as to establish uniformity in post.


De-Bleed process

De-bleed drum kit tracks and other isolated instrument tracks with AI-driven accuracy, but don't stop there — try this new algorithm on other tasks where one layer can serve as the selection basis for operations on another.

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AI-assisted Reverb Reduction process

Originally launched in SpectraLayers Pro 3, Reverb Reduction is now an AI-fueled process. Identifying and attenuating room resonances has never been cleaner, smarter, or more effective.

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New and Improved Tools

Improved Voice Denoiser

Perfect for cleaning up location interview recordings, the Voice Denoiser is trained to recognize and isolate the human voice. SpectraLayers Pro 8 now features two AI algorithms to choose from. Together they cover all the bases, from spoken word to sung vocals.

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Improved ARA 2 integration

ARA 2 integration in SpectraLayers 7 and Cubase Pro 11 introduced the ability to drag and drop layers directly on to the DAW timeline. SpectraLayers 8 streamlines the ARA 2 workflow even further, by allowing multiple independent SpectraLayers projects to exist within the DAW project.


Pattern finder

Select a target sound and then trigger a search to automatically locate and select every other similar sound in the spectrum. New in SpectraLayers, multiple complex selections can now be saved with projects and recalled for later use.

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SpectraLayers is amazing! I can finally remove all the mouth noises from quiet vocal parts, which always crackled like rough cuts during mastering, without difficulty. It's another, enormous acceleration of the workflow to ease my daily workflow. Respect!
Simon MichaelSubway to Sally

What was new in SpectraLayers 7

Hum reduction

This automatic process detects and eliminates unwanted hum, as well as higher harmonics generated by the fundamental tone. Hum harmonics can be independently attenuated to the level you choose.