The Steinberg Spotlight Is on Chromeo

Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo have been producing smooth, funky tracks for many years now, but only a few years ago did they decide to turn to Cubase — and they haven't been looking back since. Their latest album was Grammy nominated for best engineered album. And P-Thugg is one part of the band. Switching on the spotlight, P-Thugg comes forth from behind his many keyboards, synthesizers, bass guitar, and talk box to sit in front of his studio's computer and talk about the tools and capabilities he appreciates most in Cubase — features that have taken his already nimble music production prowess to the next level.

P-Thugg's Production Insights Using Cubase

While visiting P-Thugg at his LA studio, he couldn't hold back but show us what features he likes best and how he leverages the tools available in Cubase Pro. And the results are mind-blowing, or rather hip-swinging. Get a closer look at P-Thugg's music production techniques as he reveals unique insights into his approach on how he starts off with a new track.