The Steinberg Spotlight Is on Olivier Derivière

French video game and movie composer Olivier Derivière is highly renowned for his compositions for video games, earning several nominations and awards over the course of his career. While producing and scoring music, Derivière relies heavily on our notation and composition software, Dorico.

Olivier Derivière on Composing Video Game Scores in Dorico

Working out of his studio in Paris, Derivière has been scoring video game music for the past two decades. Best known for his work on the Dying Light 2, Streets of Rage 4 and A Plague Tale: Requiem soundtracks, Derivière occasionally breaks out of his mold to write and produce film music, such as the recently released The Spy Dancer for Star Wars Visions Vol. 2. When it comes to workflow, Dorico plays a leading role in his creative space and process, allowing Derivière to work with musicians while making live edits to the score, as well as harnessing the power of Dorico’s many customization options and exclusive features.