7 Reasons to Set Up Your Own Studio

Making music in a studio is the perfect way to realise your creative vision. Whether it’s a home studio built in a spare room or a commercial space with dedicated live facilities, the freedom and flexibility that come with working in a studio play a vital role in helping you take your productions to the next level. Here are some of the most important reasons why.

Create Your Own World

Your studio is your own creative space, where you can focus on every aspect of composing, arranging and mixing, free from other distractions. Although mobile apps like Cubasis are a great way to make music on the move, it’s often in coming back to your studio setup that you can really focus on every aspect of the process, especially for those long sessions. You can shut the door, turn off your phone and give all of your attention to making the best music. Studio working also means you can switch off properly when you need a break.

Your Tools At Your Fingertips

A studio becomes an extension of yourself. You know every tool at your disposal and where to find it. You have inputs and outputs mapped and ready to go so you can just plug in and record, laying down a guitar or vocal track without worrying about routing and while the idea is still fresh in your mind. Your studio setup is also home to all your presets - plug-in chains tailored to your voice or instrument that can be called up in seconds and don’t have to be built from scratch.

Navigate With Ease

There’s no workflow as efficient as the one in your own studio. You have shortcuts at your fingertips, customised for the tasks you do the most often. Workspaces can be switched with a keystroke, providing optimum environments for tracking, arranging, mixing and more. You know exactly what your system can do and how to do it. A producer that really knows their studio well can use it with incredible speed. You can make the space your own, with everything that you need and nothing that you don’t.

All Your Gear, Brought Together

Your studio is where your hardware lives. Not just your recording interface but mixers for hands-on control, dedicated effects units, vintage hardware synths and mics. Seamlessly connected and routed into your DAW, they are available any time inspiration strikes so you can capture that killer beat or riff without spending time hunting around for cables. Drum kits and guitar amps can be permanently mic’ed up, studio essentials like popshields and DI boxes properly placed. Bringing together the hardware and software sides of your production setup in a studio unlocks their combined power.

The Perfect Listening Environment

A studio is the best place to mix and master. You will get much more accurate results by listening on properly-placed monitors in a studio environment. Acoustic treatment is ideal but even where it’s not available, perhaps in a home studio, knowing the way your room and your speakers behave when it comes to stereo and bass reproduction will help you fine tune your mixes and ensure the most accurate results. And with a dedicated studio space, you can listen at higher volumes.

Studios Bring People Together

Studios are a space for collaboration. Music made with others can easily become more than the sum of its parts and being in a room with people gives you not just the ability to play together but also the possibility to share ideas and inspiration. Collaborating can help to broaden your creative horizons, whether it’s writing and arranging music together or bouncing ideas for mixes off each other. Working together in the same space has a dynamic that’s tough to match any other way.

Take Things To The Next Level

Stepping up from a home studio to a commercial studio can open up a world of possibilities. You’ll experience properly soundproofed and treated recording booths, hands-on mixing with multichannel desks, finely tuned control rooms with high-end monitoring and much more. Perhaps you’ve gone in to track the live elements of a production, or maybe you’ve recorded at home but now need to mix in a specialised environment. Whatever the reason, working in a studio removes limitations and lets you realise your greatest creative potential.