Remote recording more complete than ever

With its new video streaming functionality, VST Connect Pro 5 features a significant step forward for the audio-to-picture industry, making it possible to record audio for film scoring, language dubbing, composing for video and other situations from anywhere in the world.

VST Connect Pro 5.5 now comes with remote ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement)

No matter whether the voice talent is in the same country or on a different continent, this new version of VST Connect allows for dubbing and original voiceover recording from virtually anywhere in the world. It is the ideal remote complement to Nuendo’s ADR Taker system. VST Connect automatically receive all settings from the Nuendo ADR system and even allows you to further manipulate options which are important to the remote session. It provides a seamless recording experience into Nuendo, including all the powerful features such as lip sync video playback, counter and swipe options, video-stream management, prompting features and a flexible monitoring matrix that lets you determine what the voice talent hears (background, FX, music, speech, etc.). Best of all, the voice talent doesn’t need a complicated DAW to be part of a VST Connect session. The free VST Performer application is everything needed on the performer’s side to be ready for the job.
Important note: ADR requires at least Nuendo 10.3.10 or 11.0.20

Video streaming to anywhere in the world

With VST Connect Pro 5 you can now stream video from the video track in Cubase or Nuendo to VST Connect Performer, allowing the artist using VST Connect Performer in a different location to play in time with it. The display also shows the timecode, time, bars, and beats of the Cubase or Nuendo project.
Important note: Apple ProRes video is not supported.

Local video playback for VST Connect Performer

If you need more internet bandwidth for audio, the artist using VST Connect Performer can load a video file locally that is precisely synchronized with the Cubase or Nuendo project. The synchronized playback is still controlled by the engineer using VST Connect Pro, but greater bandwidth is available for audio.
Important note: Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes videos are not supported.

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