Lots of character. In every single tone.

The Rain Piano is a very special sampled upright piano, recorded to sound different right from the beginning. The recording engineer was advised to make it “sound like it had stood out in the rain for a long time”, to give it a sound which is as bluesy as possible. The result is an impressive piano, perfectly balanced with just the right amount of overtones to add character to every note you play.

Character piano inspired by Tom Waits’ Mule Variation album

Blend between unprocessed, compressed and attitude sounds

Hammerback, pedal noise and release samples

XY presets by Grammy Award winner Niklas Flyckt

The idea behind 4Knob Rain Piano

Inspired by listening to the amazing Mule Variations album by Tom Waits, SampleTekk CEO Per Larsson decided to do a special sample session. Together with his team, he worked on the sound of an upright piano until they finally achieved a uniquely raw and bluesy sound, which is full of character. The rain piano has now made the transition to the famous 4Knob concept, including brand-new presets designed by Grammy Award winner Niklas Flyckt. These make it the perfect choice for whenever you are looking for something special.

About SampleTekk

SampleTekk is dedicated to the creation of world-class acoustic sounds. The company was founded in 2006 by the award-winning recording technician, mix engineer and producer Niklas Flyckt and Per Larsson, who has worked with samplers and multi-sampled instruments since the early 1990s. Devoted to bringing the absolute best to music makers everywhere, they have combined many years of knowledge to record and construct unrivalled sampled instruments.

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