This is for your soul

Dive into the smooth world of the Amped Elektra. The Amped Elektra was inspired by the Hohner Electra, recorded from a completely restored one and reamped through three vintage amps. Its distinctive, beautifully warm and funky sound can be the soul of every Funk, (Neo) Soul and Jazz production.

43 beautifully detailed presets

Funk, (Neo) Soul, Jazz — bring it to life

Mix with up to three different vintage amps

Individual chords created specifically for each preset

The idea behind Amped Elektra

While strolling through a studio, equipped with vintage e-pianos, Sebastian Breiter, sound designer at Steinberg, came across the Hohner Electra and fell in love with its unique, unheard-of, sonorous and musical sound. The Hohner Electra was built in the ’70s and is sonically related to the Wurlitzer and Rhodes, with bands like Led Zeppelin using it for their recordings. It is an insider tip and is now experiencing its rebirth through the Amped Elektra. The Electra’s DI signal was not only recorded at the YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Studios in Hamburg, but was also sent through three vintage tube amps, giving the Amped Elektra an even more soulful, warm and characterful sound.

The three recorded amps

The Tower

The Tower, an extremely rare vintage tube amp from the ’50s with an incredibly voluminous, warm sound, recorded with a Sennheiser MD 441.

Customized impulse responses

The additional impulse responses for the Amped Elektra were created with specially selected vintage gear to add some extra character on the reverb section. So, you can use chamber, spring or plate reverbs designed with the help of classical units like the EMT 240 “Goldfolie”, a beautiful Lexicon 224, the AKG BX5 or the Roland Chorus Echo RE-501.

Save the YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Studios

The Amped Elektra was recorded in one of Hamburg's finest recording venues: The YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Studios. An outstanding 55 square meter recording room, a custom-made 1974 Polygram Console (32/24/4) on which also the Rolling Stones recorded, loads of rare, mojo-driven vintage instruments, amps and hard-to-find mics make this studio really unique. After facing water damage twice on another location, the studio got hit by an explosion in their building in May 2021. Still having no access to the studio and equipment they are fighting for their existence — but they setup a Fundraising Campaign. If you want to help, you can do so here!

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