Magical Flute Phrases

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Ethnic Flute Phrases for HALion, as it ventures into uncharted territories, bringing forth the captivating essence of four selected Asian flutes. Explore the unparalleled emotive power of the instruments, which influenced many iconic compositions for big Hollywood scores. The result is a remarkable musical instrument, both versatile and user-friendly, offering a vast array of deeply evocative and poetic melodies.

More than 900 matchless and live phrases

Played by Chinese flute virtuoso Linfeng Fan from the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

17 different themes and four Asian flutes

Includes three elegant legato instruments

Listen to Ethnic Flute Phrases

This HALion library was recorded by Sonuscore with Linfeng Fan, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra’s flute virtuoso. From elegantly understated phrases to masterfully executed, fiercely distinctive melodies: this extraordinary collection of Asian flute phrases offers an unrivaled spectrum of artistic possibilities. Each phrase encompasses a vast range of customizable elements, including key, speed, length, succession and connection. This ensures seamless continuity within your arrangements, while working with beautiful phrases and samples with a human touch. It provides flawless integration across a range of musical styles and emotive moods.

Meet Sonuscore the creators of this library

Award-winning music and sound production studio Dynamedion founded Sonuscore in 2012, the same original team that created the highly acclaimed BOOM Library. Dynamedion has a respected international reputation for high-quality music composition, sound design, live orchestra production and is one of the biggest game audio studios in Europe. The three founders have combined their vast experience in orchestral music production and sound quality to create some of the best virtual instruments on the market.

For support on the library, please contact: Sonuscore

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