The Drum Sound That Defined An Era

Simon Phillips Vintage Drums brings you the iconic drum sound of his 1970s and early 80s work. Driven by an aggressive double kick drum and nine different toms, this new Groove Agent expansion lets you harness the legendary sound of the same drum kit Simon used when he wrote history as the drummer for Whitesnake, Judas Priest and the Michael Schenker Group.

10 GB of vintage drum sounds from Simon Phillip`s rare Ludwig Octa-Plus drum kit

Recorded at Phantom Recordings Studio in LA

12 new Groove Agent styles with different intros, fills, main parts and outros

The perfect sounds and MIDI grooves for hard rock, funk rock and progressive rock

The drum kit

For this expansion, Simon Phillips recorded a vintage Ludwig Octa-Plus drum kit from his personal collection at Phantom Recordings Studios in Los Angeles. Using the same techniques and mic positioning as was used on 1970s recordings, he was able to capture the sound of the drums on records which would later become influential in genres like heavy metal.

Listen to The Styles

The amazing sound of this kit is accompanied by 12 Simon Phillips Groove Agent styles for funk and rock music played hard. Each style includes several intros, fills and endings for creating complete drum tracks with simplicity and precision.

About Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips is by far one of the world’s most renowned and respected drummers, whose style not only reflects his technical gift but also his distinct musical sensibility. Whether it is rock, fusion or jazz, Simon applies the same precision and intensity to his drumming, which is never lacking in emotion and feel. Mostly known for being a member of Toto and his solo project Protocol, he has toured and recorded to date with many bands and artists, including Mick Jagger, The Who, Jeff Beck, Jack Bruce, Peter Gabriel, Joe Satriani, Tears for Fears, Judas Priest, Roxy Music, Michael Schenker, Nik Kershaw, Phd., Al DiMeola, 801, Pete Townshend, Russ Ballard, Robert Palmer, Stanley Clarke, The Pretenders, Jon Anderson, Whitesnake and Dave Gilmour... to name a few.

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