Powerful hit, impact and rhythm designer for HALion

Whether you need earth-shattering hits, rhythmic cues full of suspense, delicate abstract sequences or beefy kick drums, Hybrid Hit puts creativity first. Get a massive collection of designed hits, powerful impacts, sound elements, rhythms, patterns and raw samples. Everything is completely customizable with three 32-step sequencers, step modulation targets and an outstanding effects selection

Expressive drums and rhythms for scores, trap and pop music

Three layers with sample, generator, attack or noise sources

32-step sequencer with modulation lanes for each layer

804 samples of impacts, full hits, drum kits and field recordings

The idea behind Hybrid Hit

Create thundering low end, hard-knocking kicks, earth-shattering impacts, and evocative rhythms. Each Hybrid Hit is designed on up to three layers, comprising a tone generator, noise, attack, and a massive sample collection of high-class recordings from impacts, field recordings, drum kits, synth drums, and more. Each of the three layers also has its own step sequencer, giving you the complete creative freedom to design both sounds and rhythms. Even better, Hybrid Hit is transparent and intuitive to use, so you can easily achieve high-quality results.

Meet dvCompTools

dvCompTools is South African composer, producer, and sound designer De Wet van der Spuy. Experienced in composing for television and stage and producing albums for local artists, he has developed a strong understanding of sound design processes, writing music, and the day to day needs of a composer and producer. The main focus of dvCompTools is to provide intuitive tools and instruments for the HALion platform, which will simplify and speed up daily production tasks while providing easy-to-achieve sonic variation and pleasing results. The aim is flexibility and integration, without an overwhelming, intrusive sonic signature. dvCompTools believes that a user's tools should inspire creativity, and not be an added burden.

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