Inspiring solo vocals and dreamscapes by Mimi Page

From angelic voices to haunting soundscapes, explore the amazing library of soprano singer and composer Mimi Page. Mimi’s otherworldly vocal style effortlessly fuses ambient, dream pop, EDM, and cinematic vocal styles. This library for HALion by Soundiron includes a full selection of chromatic articulations, melodic phrases and exquisitely sound-designed cinematic effects, pads and atmospheric elements.

Sustain, staccato and true legato solo articulations

1,295 melodic phrases organized by mood and tempo

Solo vocal and sound design library for HALion

Expertly designed by Soundiron and Mimi Page

The idea behind Mimi Page Light & Shadow

The idea was to create an instrument which goes beyond the typical vocal library, by including two different creative extremes of the singer and composer Mimi Page: the concept of shadow and light. The light shines with angelic voices and mystical soundscapes. In the shadows you can find haunting and horror-oriented sounds. This makes Mimi Page Light & Shadow an outstanding collection of more than 4,400 beautiful solo vocal and hand-crafted sound-design samples — perfect for adding dreamy soundscapes, unnerving stingers and to create otherworldly underscores.

About Mimi Page

Mimi Page is a singer, songwriter, producer, and composer born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her dreamy, ethereal music and haunting, angelic vocals have been featured in a multitude of soundtracks and scores for film, television, and video games like Fallout 4. Mimi’s music is a transformative and emotionally captivating experience; her unique sound is a catalyst for all who listen to look inwards and explore the expansiveness of their own imagination. In addition to her professional music career, Mimi is passionate about sharing her knowledge through music education, working with UCLA and the Adidas Sound Lab as a mentor and artist development coach for Los Angeles high school students.

Meet Soundiron

Soundiron is a virtual instrument and sound library developer company founded in 2011. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, the studio is owned and operated by a dedicated team of sound artists and programmers. Soundiron is dedicated to capturing all of the sonic flavors that the world has to offer, bringing them to you as truly playable and inspiring musical tools. Each library is crafted to deliver profound realism, complete flexibility, exquisite detail and unrivaled acoustic quality. Learn more on

For support on the library, please contact: Soundiron

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