Explore the extremes of sound

Polarities for Padshop 2 by Simon Stockhausen juxtaposes electronic and acoustic sounds, exploring extreme sonic territories which clash with, oppose or complement each other. This confrontation between two poles can happen in various ways: either inside a patch, for example by morphing the sound from frozen to moving, from tonal to noisy, from divine to evil; or by splitting polarized sounds on the keyboard.

More than 250 inspiring presets

3.4 GB samples in 48 kHz / 24-bit

All presets designed by Simon Stockhausen

Exclusive expansion for Padshop 2

Listen to Polarities

  • Water Synth

  • Spectral Invasion

  • Remember Roach

  • Crowded Prairie

  • Dirty Victory

  • Gold Pad

  • Ghosts and Angels

  • Vocal Flute

  • Ocean Motion

  • Kalimba Tribes

About Simon Stockhausen

Simon Stockhausen began his stellar musical career at the age of five. His multi-faceted and wide-ranging oeuvre has since embraced all manner of projects and styles, including jazz and improvisational collaborations, countless compositions for ensembles and chamber groups as well as work for major European theatre companies and orchestras including the Hamburg and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras.

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