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The World Music Bundle is a collection of three sound libraries for HALion, which capture the musical energy of live performances by unique artists and instruments from around the globe. Experience the profoundly moving power of Esraj & Erhu - Ethnic String Phrases, the enchanting, sparkling vigor of Ethnic Vocal Phrases and the passionate humanity of Ethnic Flute Phrases in one powerful bundle - at a very special price.

Included products: Ethnic Strings Phrases, Ethnic Flute Phrases, Ethnic Vocal Phrases

More than 2170 different phrases and 48 themes

Customizable phrase speed and length

Legato instruments for three Asian flutes and the Erhu

What’s in the World Music Bundle:

Ethnic Flute Phrases

Four carefully chosen Asian flutes (Qu Di, Bang Di, Xin Di and Dong Xiao) offer an astounding range of expression and emotional depth, which have helped to shape numerous Hollywood compositions. This phrases instrument is a user-friendly tool that can generate a wide range of emotive lyrical lines, quickly and easily.

    Esraj & Erhu - Ethnic String Phrases

    Ethnic Strings Phrases goes even further into the heart of Indian and Chinese culture. Featuring the dynamic, classic combination of two stringed instruments, the interplay of Esraj and Erhu produces a truly authentic mood, which will invigorate any musical situation.

      Ethnic Vocal Phrases by Hayat Selim

      Purpose-built to craft impressive cinematic soundscapes, this beautiful library brings the power of captivating, emotional vocal phrases to your fingertips. Hayat Selim sings Arabic phrases, along with an imaginary tribal language and vowel sounds.

        Meet Sonuscore the creators of this library

        Award-winning music and sound production studio Dynamedion founded Sonuscore in 2012, the same original team that created the highly acclaimed BOOM Library. Dynamedion has a respected international reputation for high-quality music composition, sound design, live orchestra production and is one of the biggest game audio studios in Europe. The three founders have combined their vast experience in orchestral music production and sound quality to create some of the best virtual instruments on the market.

        For support on the library, please contact: Sonuscore

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