Cello Noir

Vertigo Cello for HALion dives deep into solo cello and trio playing techniques, with an electrifying range of articulations. It combines up to 15 different cello sounds, from beautiful classical recordings (sustained, fragile and sul pont) to a resynthesized version, even a cello run through different modular tools from Mutable Instruments or Noise Engineering. The result is a rich, dark and layered sound world, full of textures which blend perfectly in modern scores and productions.

15 different sound sources from solo and trio cellos

Sustained cello, fragile, sul pont (solo and trio)

Cloud cello: cello run through several modular tools and resynthesized

Bonus: A portamento patch with up to four cellos

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About Cinematique Instruments

René Dohmen and Joachim Dürbeck have successfully been working as composers, producers and artists in the music industry. Their work covers everything from classical productions to electronic or even abstract-experimental music as well as numerous commissions for film scores. Always in search of new and unique sounds they decided to create and release their own sample libraries under the name of Cinematique Instruments.

For support on the library, please contact: Cinematique Instruments

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