A sonic masterpiece

Felt piano tones — beautiful and warm, dreamy and melancholic, detailed and pure. With Verve you can tell a new story with every key you press. Recorded using a unique, precision robot at the Yamaha Studios in Los Angeles, Verve was created with one purpose in mind, to be a sonic masterpiece. Give it a completely new feel by layering with additional textures and creating previously unheard sounds. Verve is not just a piano; it is emotions and stories.

Tell unique stories

A felt piano with multiple cinematic textures

A masterpiece of engineering, recorded with a precision one-finger robot

Perfect for intimate scores, warm timbres, and soft nuances

Recording Verve: A brand new experience

Verve was recorded at the Yamaha Studios in Los Angeles by the HALion team and Yamaha’s sound design team. To capture the sound of the felt piano with the highest possible precision, they used a brand-new, bespoke-handcrafted one-finger robot. This engineering masterpiece has captured the velocity of each key with the highest accuracy and repeatability—which translates into a previously impossible, unique playing experience.

The textures

The goal was to create textures that intensified the feelings created by the felt piano. They sit perfectly with the piano's timbres, creating a beautiful symbiosis between the two. You can let the notes lie, and the textures immerse you with their unique atmosphere. Made from a wide variety of materials and sources: metal, glass, dry ice, electronic devices recorded through electromagnetic pickups, orchestral strings, and more, the carefully crafted textures come with 66 presets.

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