Orchestral string sounds

Zilhouette Strings is a collection of orchestral string sounds that put the control directly at your fingertips. You can quickly select the amount of the players, mix the separate instrument groups at your own requirements, select the kind of seating and place them into an ambience. That’s it — and all with an intimate, natural and catchy sound.

7 violins

2 violas

7 cellos

2 basses


Everything was recorded in several sessions in the CI recording rooms in Cologne —in a close and intimate distance to the instrument as well as in a solo and trio setting. To obtain exquisite sound recordings, both condenser mics such as Neumann U-87 and TLM 103, Schoeps MK4 as well as dynamic mics the likes of Sennheiser MD421 and AKG D112 were used.


For support on the library, please contact: Cinematique Instruments

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