WaveLab MasterClass

Comprehensive mastering lessons to improve your skills with WaveLab.

Learn professional mastering workflows with WaveLab, using its comprehensive onboard and third-party tools. This online course is hosted by Mastering Academy and MAAT.digital founder Friedemann Tischmeyer.

Elevate your mastering skills and get started straight after signing up.

To provide the best possible learning experience, this course is offered as a mixture of pre-recorded, streamed content and live interaction with mastering expert Friedemann Tischmeyer. This gives you flexibility to work through the streamed videos when it’s convenient for you and then get any other answers you need by talking to Friedemann. It also guarantees optimum sound quality without latency, independent of your internet connection speed.

Disclaimer: WaveLab MasterClass is hosted and fulfilled by Mastering Academy GmbH. For questions regarding WaveLab MasterClass please refer to www.Mastering-Academy.com.
www.digistore24.com is the MoR (Merchant of Record) on behalf of Mastering Academy GmbH.

More than 7 hours of high level video content!

  • Week 1

    → Modules 1 and 2: Professional Mastering Workflow in WaveLab
    The first two modules give an introduction to the course and a first deep insight into the mindset of professional mastering.

  • Week 2

    → Module 3: Metering and Leveling for Mastering
    Metering and leveling for outputting content with the ideal sound quality, loudness and headroom for today’s formats and delivery channels.

  • Week 3

    → Module 4: Mastering Techniques part 1
    Introduction to the secrets of mastering, how to set up your tools and make the right decisions, demonstrated by Friedemann using a real-life project.

  • Week 4

    → Module 5: Mastering Techniques part 2
    This module focuses on WaveLab’s included tools, including MasterRig, which allows you to master audio material in an intuitive and creative way.

  • Week 5

    → Live Q&A Session with Friedemann Tischmeyer
    Friedemann offers a monthly 60 minute Q&A session, exclusively for WaveLab MasterClass students. The dates are in your personal login area in the student portal.

About Mastering Academy

Founded in 2015 by renowned mixing and mastering engineer Friedemann Tischmeyer, Mastering Academy offers the perfect balance of theory, coaching and hands-on training to help its students become proficient mastering engineers. It focuses on the most important and the most difficult mastering tasks, filling a huge gap in the landscape of audio engineering schools with an innovative approach to teaching nonlinear and complex audio engineering skills.  www.Mastering-Academy.com.