IXO Podcast Pack

The easy-to-use production toolkit to get you quickly creating great quality podcasts on your computer or iOS device. The IXO Podcast Pack combines the IXO12 dual channel USB 2.0 audio interface, quality condenser microphone and all mic accessories with a full software suite. It’s a complete, studio-grade social media production package.

  • 2 x In/Out

  • 1 x Mic-Pre

  • 1 x Hi-Z

  • Mute Button

  • Direct Monitor

  • USB-C

For podcasting

Share your thoughts, inspiration, ideas and news with the world by recording podcasts for broadcast on any online medium, or write them to audio files for distribution or download. The IXO12 delivers a versatile and highly portable production package, which means you can produce your podcast anywhere - at home, at work, on vacation, even in the middle of nowhere! With seamless PC/Mac computer and iOS compatibility, it has everything you need to become a true podcast pro.

    General Features

    24-bit/192 kHz

    The premium converters used in IXO series interfaces deliver great audio quality, thanks to a maximum sampling rate of 192 kHz with 24-bit resolution. High-quality analog to digital conversion is a crucial first step for any sound production, so Steinberg’s hardware designers carefully chose the best combination of components for optimum results. Accurately capturing every detail of the signals they record, IXO interfaces ensure audio fidelity throughout the recording process is maximized.

    Included Software

    • WaveLab Cast

      WaveLab Cast helps you to create stunning podcasts and interviews with a wide range of comprehensive but simple-to-use tools, perfectly suited to making your podcasts and interviews inspiring listening for more subscribers.

    • Cubase AI

      Cubase AI is a special, cut-down version which uses the same core technologies as Cubase Pro, providing all the basic tools needed for recording, editing and mixing.

    • Cubasis LE

      Cubasis LE is the compact version of its bigger brother Cubasis. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, it makes recording, editing and mixing on your iPhone or iPad a breeze.

    ST-M01 studio condenser microphone

    The included ST-M01 studio condenser microphone is a high-quality studio mic with a clean, smooth response, exceptional sensitivity and a wide frequency response. Capturing every detail in excellent quality, it’s ideal for recording every nuance of vocals, interviews, acoustic guitar, other instruments and field recordings.

      Microphone accessories

      Also included is a pop shield to reduce plosives while recording, a low noise microphone cable and a tabletop stand for placing the microphone in the best position.

        Steinberg Plus

        Steinberg Plus is a real ‘plus’ if you own an IXO series audio interface, giving you a great selection of free VST instruments and VST sound loop sets. It’s our way of thanking you for investing in our audio interfaces. *
        * Note: Steinberg Plus content changes regularly. Purchasers cannot choose which products will be included.

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