Create Music together online

You may be keeping your distance, you may be living in another country, or you’re just looking for like-minded musicians and producers but your studio’s too small to accommodate collaborators. Thanks to our VST Cloud technology (which is also included in Cubase), it’s possible to come together, meet your friends and partners, to make music quite easily from the comfort of your home.

Write and record your music with your band from home

Review your mixes together

Share your files and projects

Work and collaborate with others

Tools for making music together

VST Connect

With VST Connect Pro and VST Connect SE (already included in the latest versions of Cubase Pro and Nuendo) you can record musicians and vocalists from anywhere you like. Remote recording sessions have never been easier — just set up both sides of the connection and start recording right away as if you had your very own live room.

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VST Transit

VST Transit offers endless collaboration opportunities, allowing you to write and produce music with producers and musicians from all over the world — this can be a session with your co-producer or a big community where everyone contributes. And when it’s all done, it comes together in VST Transit.

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