Highlight Features That Make Cubase The Best DAW For You

All-inclusive feature set


Cubase empowers musicians with a vast array of cutting-edge tools for composing, recording, editing, and mastering music effortlessly.

    Unmatched versatility

    All Genre

    From electronic beats to orchestral arrangements, Cubase is flexible enough to adapt to any genre, catering to the creative needs of artists of all styles.

      Next-generation audio engine

      Audio Engine

      Experience pristine sound quality and ultra-low latency performance. Cubase powers your music production journey from stereo to Dolby Atmos, with unmatched audio processing.

        Limitless sonic horizons

        Instruments, Plug-ins & Sounds

        With an included wealth of high-quality VST instruments, plug-ins and sounds, Cubase lets you create masterpieces straight out of the box.

          MIDI mastery

          MIDI Engine

          Unleash your musical ideas with precision, thanks to Cubase's intuitive MIDI editing, automation, and quantization features for seamless composition.

            Audio warping and alignment

            Audio Editing

            Harness Cubase's powerful audio warping and alignment capabilities to effortlessly and precisely manipulate audio recordings.

              Benchmark VST support

              VST Support

              Add to your sonic palette by integrating third party virtual instruments and effects, thanks to industry-leading VST3 support.

                VariAudio pitch correction

                Vocal Editing

                Perfect vocals and other audio with ease, using Cubase's advanced VariAudio for pitch and timing correction tools.

                  From composition to artistry

                  Composition Tools

                  Cubase's remarkable Chord Pads, Chord Track and Scale Assistant are the keys to limitless creativity and unleashing your melodic brilliance.

                    Mixing excellence made easy


                    Craft professional mixes using Cubase's MixConsole, which offers customizable channel strips and advanced routing options for straightforward, optimised control.

                      Rock Solid

                      Stability and performance

                      Elevate your productivity with Cubase's rock-solid stability and optimised performance, ensuring uninterrupted creativity for music projects of all sizes.

                        Control your room


                        Tailor your monitoring experience with Cubase's versatile Control Room feature, ideal for recording studios and complex audio setups.

                          Compose with confidence

                          Scoring and notation

                          Compose with confidence using Cubase's comprehensive scoring and notation features, designed for film, TV, and orchestral arrangements.