Learn Cubase With In-Depth Video Tutorials

Learn how to get the most out of Cubase with the in-depth tutorials for all levels. Whether you are a Cubase veteran or music production starter, the wide selection of video tutorials, will help you to bring you on the next level.

Learn how to get around Cubase in just 14 minutes.

Cubase Secrets with Dom

Take your music production to the next level with valuable tips and tricks from Dom Sigalas. He reveals some of his most exciting Cubase secrets that you can use in your own Cubase projects.

Cubase Secrets With Dom

Create Unique Instruments Using Samples

5 Ways to use Sidechain

5 Ways to Warm Up Your Tracks

5 Ways to widen your vocals

Find The Perfect Drums For Your Song

How to create the Reverse Reverb Effect

Make Your Synths Pop Out with the Channel Strip

The No. 1 Trick to Make Everything Sound Wide

5 Tips for Great Electric Bass Sound

Make Your Chords Sound More Sophisticated (Using Vibrant E-Piano)

Produce Huge Acoustic Snares with These Tips

Use Parallel Compression to Make Your Vocals Stand

How To Create Ducked Delays

How to Add LoFi Vibes to Your Productions

Cubase Basics for Beginners

You might think that starting out with Cubase is difficult. But it’s easier than you think. With these videos for beginners, we will help to make the start of your Cubase journey easier, so you can concentrate fully on what's important – making music.

Cubase Basics For Beginners

6 Basic Audio Processes in Cubase you need to know

Basic Audio Recording Modes in Cubase

Basic Key Commands in Cubase

What is a Bus and How to Use it

What is Automation and How to Use It

What is Panning and How to Use It

What is Pitch Correction and How to Use It

What is Side-Chaining and How to Use It

When to use Effects as Inserts or Sends

Why You Should Use a Microphone to Record an Acoustic Guitar

Effect Plug-ins in Cubase

Cubase comes with a variety of great-sounding, professional quality effects plug-ins. Covering everything from EQ and dynamics to reverb and delay, these videos will inspire you to try them and find your own, unique sound!

Effects And Plug-ins

Audio Pan



Frequency 2

Magneto II


Quadrafuzz 2


Stereo Delay

Studio Chorus

Vintage Compressor

VST Amp Rack

Recording Metal Basics

Metal Heads rejoice! We've teamed up with Mendel Bij De Leij - mixing/mastering engineer and former guitarist of the band Aborted. In these videos Mendel shows you how to record your guitar or bass, how to program extreme metal drums and, most importantly, how to get that professional metal sound.

Recording Metal Basics

How To create Your Perfect Metal Guitar Tone

How To Mix Your Metal Drums

Metal Drum Routing and Balancing

Mixing Low Tuned Metal Guitars

Mixing Metal Guitar Solos

Programming Extreme Metal Drums

Recording Metal Guitar Solos

Use Cubase Brickwall Limiter to Improve your Metal Sound

Using Frequency 2 in Metal Mixing

Learn rock music production in Cubase Elements

Learn all about producing rock music in Cubase Elements. Watch the new video series here!

Learn Step-by-Step Rock Production

Get the Perfect Rock Guitar Tone with VST Amp Rack

Create the Perfect Rock Guitar Lead Sound

Programming Rock Drums with Groove Agent SE

Bass Recording Techniques for a Powerful Rock Sound

Mixing Rock Music Like a Pro

Andrew Sappleton teaches you DnB production in Cubase

Are you ready to elevate your DnB productions? Andrew Sappleton’s Cubase tutorials will teach you the techniques to unlock your full potential, creating professional tracks that really stand out.

Learn Step-by-Step DnB Production

How to Make a Beat for Liquid Drum ‘n’ Bass

Creating Bass, Melodies and Fx for Drum ‘n’ Bass

Creating Fat Vocal Chains and Arrangement for Drum ‘n’ Bass

Mixing & Mastering Drum ‘n’ Bass

Vocal Production Basics for Beginners

Recording vocals is one of the most exciting tasks in music production. However, there are a few things you need to know to get the best results. In these videos, we'll show you some simple tricks that Cubase can do to help you record professional-sounding vocals.

Vocal Production For Beginners

How to Make Multiple Lead Vocals Sound in Tune and in Time

How to Record and Align a Vocal Melody for Doubling and Stacking

Preparing the Vocal Melody for Production

Producing a Wall of Lead Vocal Lead Melody

Trap Production Basics

Trap music includes many interesting production techniques which are also used in many other styles. That's why we asked trap and EDM specalist Venus Theory to put together some exciting production tips that you can apply to many different genres of music!

Trap Production Basics

How To Add Organic Textures To Your Sound

How to Build Modern Ambient Trap Melodies

How To Build Modern MIDI Trap Hats

How to Create 808s

How to Create a Modern Trap Drum Sound

How to Create Dark Trap Vocals

How to Create Generative Trap Melodies

How to Master your Trap Song

Slicing Samples to create Trap Drums

Hardstyle Production Basics

Finding the right sound is one of the most important things in hardstyle production. That's why we asked Elie Abwi, otherwise known as Toneshifterz, to share his hardstyle production secrets! Starting with the kick drum, he takes you right through to concise hardstyle leads.

Hardstyle Production Basics

How To Build A Hardstyle Kick

How To Build Hardstyle Leads Part 1

How To Build Hardstyle Leads Part 2

The Art Of Remixing

Everyone has heard a remix of a well-known song, whether it is a very old track reimagined in a new style or a song inspired by a different one. But what does it actually mean to produce a remix and what should you pay attention to? In these videos, New York remix producer Willie Green demonstrates everything you need to know.

The Art Of Remixing

How to Get Started

How to Add Your Own Vibe

How to Put Everything Together in The Mix

Songwriting Basics

Writing songs can seem like a mysterious process, but there are many tips and tricks the professionals use on the way to making a hit record. In these videos Andrew Schravemade, reveals many of the secrets, from how you can create a complete song in Cubase from four simple chords to how to arrange a song with great hooks that people will sing along to.

Songwriting Basics

How to Make Four Chords Really Count

How to Build a Solid Song Structure

How to Write a Great Melody

How to Produce Vocals

How to Produce Your Song

How to Mix Your Song

Film Composing Basics

When thinking about their favorite movies, everyone remembers certain melodies. That's why composing movie soundtracks is perhaps one of the most inspiring and exciting areas of music production. But how do you get the best sound for film music compositions? Cinematic Composing shows you how in these videos.

Film Composing Basics

How to Compose Love Strings

How to Compose Suspenseful Themes

How to Compose Adventurous Brass

How to Compose Epic Percussion