A Brand-New Cubasis

Cubasis 3 was rewritten from the ground up, carefully keeping its identity and winning formula but, at the same time, introducing the latest technology in keeping with today’s and tomorrow’s demands. Enjoy a brand-new app available for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets with many user-requested features, unrivaled usability and operation paired with the best performance and so much more. Please welcome Cubasis 3, the next-generation mobile music creation app for iOS and Android. It’s the best Cubasis we've ever made...

Universal app support (iPad & iPhone, smartphone & tablet)

Never miss a moment when inspiration strikes. Start to create a song on the device you have always with you, your iPhone or Android smartphone, then to continue on iPad or Android tablet. Enjoy the fast operation and ease of use that using Cubasis on either device delivers.

iOS Android

A fully equipped DAW on your iPhone and Android smartphone

The all-new Cubasis 3 for iPhone and Android smartphone continues to set new benchmarks of comfortable operation, making the app’s extensive feature set easy to navigate on a smaller screen, supporting you with what's most important — creating great music quickly.

iOS Android

Group tracks

Do you have a lot of separate tracks and want them to act as one? Enjoy the freedom to quickly combine individual tracks, grouping them in the Cubasis track list or mixer. Process, edit and mix them as though they are a single track. It's all done with a few taps — quickly and easily.

iOS Android

Full-screen mixer, zoom modes and level metering

Enjoy the clearest user interface when creating mixes in Cubasis. Easily extend the width and height of the mixer's channel strips, up to full-screen size, via simple button taps or touch gestures. And, thanks to accurate level metering, you will create the best mixes every time.


Master Strip Plug-in Suite

Make your tracks sound excellent with this pro-grade mastering plug-in suite, before sharing them with the world. Expand or reduce the stereo width of your audio with the Stereo Imager, monitor and compress specific frequency ranges with the included Multiband Compressor, then use the Loudness Maximizer to boost the overall level of your final mix to perfection.


Up to eight rearrangeable insert and send effects

Polish your tracks to perfection with up to eight insert and eight send effects with Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio or the internal plug-ins. You can simply rearrange effects via tap and move, and change pre/post fader positions of insert plug-ins.


More New Features

New look, same feel

Enjoy the painstakingly redesigned Cubasis 3, which makes creating music on mobile devices even easier, faster to use, more efficient and more enjoyable — on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
iOS Android

All New Features

Universal app support

Create your songs with Cubasis on iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Cubasis 3 for iPhone and Android smartphone

A fully equipped DAW, quick and easy to navigate, on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Group tracks

Process, edit and mix tracks as if they were a single track.

Full-screen mixer, zoom modes and level metering

Easily extend the mixer up to full-screen size and more.

Master Strip plug-in suite

Make tracks sound huge with exceptional effects

New look, same feel

Creating mobile music is easier, faster, more efficient and enjoyable.

Free Cubasis 2 in-app purchase transfer

Freely transfer previous in-app purchases from Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3.*

960 pulses per quarter note

Enjoy MIDI editing with the finest level of detail and precision.

Up to eight rearrangeable insert and send effects

Use up to eight rearrangeable effects and change pre/post fader positions.

75 new effect presets

Make new tracks sound great, with an inspiring selection of ready-to-use presets.

Undo reinvented with History List

Comfortably jump back and forth between earlier versions of your project.

Redesigned instruments and effects

Enjoy improved user interfaces for more precise operation.

Updated audio, MIDI and automation editors

File editing is quicker and more efficient.

Improved MediaBay

Create folders, move files, share your music and more with ease.

UI scale presets for smartphones and tablets

Quickly change the size and arrangement of the Cubasis user interface.

Overdub and Looper recording modes

Choose the perfect mode for your recording task.

MicroSonic instruments refill

Get creative with this great library of expressive instruments.

Vertical event coloring

Easily keep track of the individual parts of your arrangement.

AU MIDI effects automation

The controls and switches of your AU MIDI plug-ins can move automatically.*

Micrologue ARP (IAP) automation

Get more creative with the Micrologue ARP, now supporting automation.

Don't stop the music

Enjoy continuing playback while performing undo, redo and more


Enjoy the best performance, speedy operation and rock-solid stability.

*Please note that some features of Cubasis for iOS and Android differ. For more details please refer to the Cubasis 3 comparison page.