Dorico In Music Education

Dorico provides a complete family of music composition and notation software for use in education. Students can get started for free with Dorico for iPad or Dorico SE for macOS and Windows. If you are a teacher or represent an eligible institution, or if you are a student in full-time education, you can buy Dorico Pro or Dorico Elements at a significant discount on the full retail price. If you want to buy multiple copies to equip your macOS or Windows music classroom or lab or for several faculty members, even further discounts are available on purchases of five or more copies.

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We prepare our students for diverse careers in music after graduation. Mastering a powerful, flexible tool like Dorico helps them be ready for whatever professional work they may take on.
Prof. Philip CashianHead of Composition, Royal Academy of Music, London, UK

Multi-user Licensing For Dorico 4

Dorico 4 is the first of our products to use new Steinberg Licensing. This new identity-based license management system is much more flexible than the old eLicenser system it replaces, but in its first iteration it does not yet fully support multi-user licensing for educational institutions.

We are hard at work on additional licensing features that will make Dorico easier to manage, deploy and use in your institution, which we expect to arrive in the first half of 2023. If you buy a new multi-user license for Dorico now, we will supply version 3.5, and provide a free update to version 4 when Steinberg Licensing fully supports multi-user environments.

Dorico For Teachers

Dorico Pro is the ideal tool for busy music teachers. Dorico produces beautiful output by default and allows you to quickly and easily input music in order to produce new transpositions, arrangements and adaptations for your student ensembles and performers. Dorico’s unique page layout features give it superpowers for producing complex layouts combining text and music in just a few steps.

If you are a teacher, you can buy Dorico at a significant discount. If you already have a license for Sibelius or Finale, you can save even more by buying the Dorico crossgrade. You simply have to show proof of ownership of your current software, and you don’t have to give it up. Buy from the Steinberg online shop, or contact your local authorized Steinberg reseller.

Dorico For Students

If you’re a secondary student exploring music theory and composition, Dorico SE for macOS and Windows is the ideal first step into the world of Dorico. Free to download and simple to use, Dorico SE has all of the basic tools you need to write great-looking and great-sounding music for ensembles of one or two players. If you need to write for larger ensembles of up to 24 players, upgrade to Dorico Elements, which includes many of the same powerful features as Dorico Pro, but removes the tools only needed by professionals

Alternatively, if you have an iPad, get started with Dorico for iPad, which you can download for free from the App Store, and unlock more features with an inexpensive, optional in-app purchase subscription.

As you grow and develop and move to higher education, step up to Dorico Pro to fully unleash your creativity. Use the same tool used by thousands of professionals around the world to produce works for the concert hall, the stage, and the cinema or your TV.

Students in full-time education are eligible for special educational pricing at a significant discount from full retail pricing. Buy from the Steinberg online shop, or contact your local authorized Steinberg reseller.

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Dorico dissolves many of the barriers to working with notation and empowers students with beautiful scores
Dr J Harry WhalleyCourse leader (Music Composition & Technology) University for the Creative Arts, UK