Professional composition and music notation software for macOS and Windows

Looking for the ultimate in power and customization for your music notation and composition needs? Look no further than Dorico Pro. Designed for professionals in the art music and media music industries, as well as teachers and professors in tertiary education. Dorico Pro offers a deep feature set and unique features you won’t find anywhere else. Take your music to the next level with advanced workflows, unrivalled customization options, and the ability to produce publication-quality music automatically. Discover what sets Dorico Pro apart and unlock your full creative potential.

Automatic condensed conductor scores

Smart linked cues

DTP-style page layout

Thousands of customization options

Dorico Does It Better

There are other music notation applications – but none of them matches up to Dorico in terms of musical intelligence, power, and flexibility. Here are just ten ways that


Only in Dorico Pro

Dorico Pro offers exclusive features and deep customization options for those who demand the ultimate in power and control over their music notation and composition.

Automatic condensed conductor scores

In a conductor’s score, music for multiple players is condensed onto a smaller number of staves…

Smart linked cues

Cues help the performers keep their place in the music by showing music from another player before…

Library Manager

Dorico Pro offers thousands of ways for you to customize the look and layout of your projects, and…

Sophisticated staff management

The most demanding score layout tasks are transformed with Dorico Pro’s smart staff management…

Generate Notes from Chord Symbols

Only Dorico Pro can generate notes from chord symbols, producing well-voiced chords with sensible…

DTP-style page layout

Dorico Pro is the only music notation software with powerful desktop publishing features for music…

Endless customization

Music looks beautiful by default in Dorico, following in the finest traditions established over…

More sounds and effects plug-ins

On top of the hundreds of production-ready sounds included with HALion Sonic 7, and more than 30…

Switch to Dorico Pro and save

If you already use Finale or Sibelius Ultimate, you can add Dorico Pro to your toolbox for a special price via our competitive crossgrade offer. You don’t have to give up your existing software: just provide proof of your existing Finale or Sibelius Ultimate license, and save nearly 50% on the retail price.