Learn Dorico

Learn Dorico With Our Feature Video Tutorials

Get the most out of Dorico with our feature video tutorials for all levels. Whether you are a Dorico expert or a beginner, this series of video tutorials will help you to get to the next level of using Dorico music notation software.

Dorico Basics

Getting started with Dorico SE

The Free Music Notation Software

Installing and Activating Dorico SE

Download and Install Dorico

Finding Your Way Around

Starting Your First Project

Adding a Second Instrument

Editing and Arranging

Sharing Your Project

Guitar and Percussion

Advanced Techniques

Upgrade from SE to Elements

Note input

Overview of Note Input

Starting Note Input

The Caret and Grid

Inputting Music Using the Mouse or Keyboard

Pitch and Duration

Inputting Chords

Inputting Slurs

Inputting Articulations

Inputting Rests

Inputting Tuplets

Inputting Grace Notes

Inputting Ties

Insert Mode

Selections and Navigating

Moving Notes: Pitch and Rhythmic Position

Copying Music to Speed Up Note Input

Lock Duration

Force Duration

Input Into a Different Voice

Inputting Across Multiple Staves

Using the Cut Tool

Real-time MIDI Input

Dorico 5 Highlights

Dorico 5 feature round up

Stage and Space templates

Pitch contour emphasis

Groove Agent SE and MIDI triggers

Scrub playback

Multiple item creation

Instrument editor

Live note editing

Improvements to Dorico Elements

In-Depth Tutorials

Engrave Mode in Dorico

What is Engrave Mode

How to Make Edits to Music Items

How to Use Frames

How to Work with Tokens

How to Work with System and Page Breaks

How to Control Staff Spacing

How to Work with Text Styles

How to Work with Engraving Options

Composing to Picture


Attaching a video file

Working with Markers

Editing and Exporting your Music