Steinberg Certified Training

Steinberg has a network of Certified Training Centers and individual Certified Trainers who can help you to get the most out of your Steinberg products. We team up with the best educators and institutions in the world to offer high quality training for students of all ages. All our partners have expert knowledge of the latest versions of our creative tools. Whether you are an individual, or represent an institution or business, our trainers can develop a program of learning to help you achieve your goals.

Global network of certified trainers and training centers

Grow your skills in many different fields of the audio and music industry

High quality training for students of all ages and levels

Become a trainer and share your expertise

Tailored training and learning

Your Steinberg Certified Trainer will work with you to understand your needs, and provide training that is tailored to your specific requirements – you won’t be simply working through an entry-level, prefabricated course that you could have done anywhere.

The expertise of our trainers run the gamut – artists, engineers, composers, arrangers, sound designers, and more – so you can find a trainer with professional experience in whatever field you want to study.

Whether you want a few short sessions, an intensive all-day course, or a whole semester of teaching, your Steinberg Certified Trainer will deliver training that will enable your future success.

Become a Certified Trainer

If you are an expert user of any Steinberg product, and have experience in teaching or instruction, you can apply for certification and join our network of trainers. If you represent an institution, your institution can become a Certified Training Center. For more information, please contact your local Steinberg representative.

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Steinberg’s network of Certified Training Centers and individual Certified Trainers spans the globe. Many of our Certified Trainers can also offer online sessions, too.