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Nuendo 7 Crossgrade from Cubase


Come aboard Nuendo 7 now and experience unique features for TV and film post-production, dialog recording and game audio production.


If you are a Cubase user and you want to expand your business to any of those fields besides music production, you can now save your original investment and crossgrade to Nuendo 7, the most complete solution for any kind of audio work.

The Nuendo Expansion Kit (NEK)* is also included in this crossgrade, which means that all music creation tools and features from Cubase are available in the Nuendo media production platform to ensure full compatibility with your Cubase projects.

All Cubase (Pro) versions from Cubase 4 onward can be crossgraded to Nuendo 7 + NEK.

*Note that the current NEK 7 corresponds to the music features of Cubase Pro 8. Features new to Cubase 8.5 and Cubase 9 are currently neither included in this crossgrade nor will they be available in Nuendo 7. Cubase Elements and Artist versions are not eligible for crossgrade.

Why crossgrade?

By crossgrading from Cubase you will be able to harness the power of Nuendo 7 and its many exclusive features.

TV and film post-production

  • Most dedicated audio post-production system featuring unique tools for TV, film-production and advertising
  • Extended surround capabilities with up to 13.1 support
  • Anymix Pro surround panner including automatic distant-dependent features
  • Re-conforming solution for fully integrated automatic audio-to-picture alignment, including preview functions
  • Integrated loudness measurement and processing toolset featuring EBU-R 128 support, normalization to integrated loudness values and true peak level export
  • Loudness curve written on a dedicated loudness track including true peak indication
  • Advanced Control Room capabilities with up to eight monitor sources and VU output channel
  • Automated Batch Export for exporting several versions of a mix in one go, including Cycle Marker support
  • Superior film-mixing automation system with an extended automation panel based on functionality found in traditional large format mixing consoles
  • Multitrack audio-to-picture editing, providing the best audio editing environment to date, including playlists and video-follows-audio editing functions
  • Advanced editing capabilities including track sheet and 2x Range tool
  • Multi-mono to stereo interleaved file conversion and Multitrack to mono split
  • Render Export to bounce MIDI and audio parts with FX, including an intuitive naming scheme for easy transfer to other production systems
  • More real-time audio effects including Pitch Driver, Nuendo Post Filter, Bass Manager, MixConvert, Matrix decoder/encoder
  • Audio clips can be saved to clip packages
  • Two video tracks with “any video format” support and extended editing capabilities such as picture follows editing, video pull up/down and video overlay (text, count-in)
  • More markers and dedicated features
  • Extended file format support: AAF, MXF, AES31
  • Support for wavefield synthesis sound creation (Barco Spatial Audio Workstation)
  • Extended synchronization/machine control options
  • Nuendo SyncStation synchronizer support
  • Networking features

Game audio

  • Game Audio Connect toolset provides direct connection with game audio middlewares such as Audiokinetic Wwise
  • Transfer sounds to Wwise using drag & drop and batch export functionality
  • Advanced naming scheme toolset for automatic inclusion of individual naming parameters
  • Integration with Perforce version control system: changes within Nuendo 7 projects are automatically monitored
  • More than 80 plug-ins and virtual instruments for creative sound design
  • Clip packages for saving clusters of audio files as one package
  • Direct rendering to disk thanks to the new Render Export function
  • Advanced multi-format support (Barco Proximity)

Dialog recording (ADR)

  • Fully integrated automated dialog replacement solution (ADR), makes professional recording of dialog for multiple roles, scenes and actors easy and fast
  • Up to 32 marker tracks for easy scene spotting
  • Professional foley recordings thanks to useful options in the ADR panel
  • EDL (CSV/CMX) format support for utmost flexibility and compatibility on import
  • Dialog text overlaying the picture allowing the artist to fully focus on the displayed picture
  • Powerful naming scheme including individual attributes for different characters/roles
  • Video count-in and different swipes allowing for accurate, lip-sync performances

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How to crossgrade

All Cubase (Pro) versions from Cubase 4 onward can be crossgraded to Nuendo 7 + NEK. Please note that Cubase Elements and Artist versions are not eligible for crossgrade. This crossgrade is only available as a download through the Steinberg Online Shop.

Important notice: This crossgrade replaces your Cubase license with a Nuendo license. Please note that the license will no longer run Cubase.