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Cubase 6 exclusive features

Everything more

While Cubase Artist 6 already offers plenty of stuff to fuel the musicians’ toolkit, its bigger brother Cubase gives producers and engineers unlimited possibilities. Explore what’s possible and go beyond — with Cubase it just doesn’t matter how many audio or MIDI tracks your clients require. Whether you record an orchestra with up to 256 different audio sources in 192 kHz / 24-bit, a huge live rock show, or a newcomer trio in the studio, Cubase is sublime in every sense of the word.

Major advantages:

  • Unlimited audio tracks (Cubase Artist 6: 64)
  • Unlimited MIDI tracks (Cubase Artist 6: 128)
  • 256 physical inputs (Cubase Artist 6: 32)
  • 192 kHz sampling rate support (Cubase Artist 6: 96 kHz)
  • 256 group channels (Cubase Artist 6: 32)
  • Unlimited instrument tracks (Cubase Artist 6: 32)
  • VST instrument rack with 64 instrument slots (Cubase Artist 6: 32)

Drum editing deluxe

Developed in conjunction with recording professionals and top-flight studio drummers, Cubase offers a complete toolset to perfect the rhythm, feel and flavor of live-recorded drum tracks. Whether it is about non-destructively correct timing issues or changing the tempo of a drum performance — a tight groove is just a few clicks away.


VariAudio is the perfect tool for improving or changing vocal lines in a very intuitive and musical way — even after the singer has left the studio. Incorporating cutting-edge algorithms and an easy-to-use interface, VariAudio allows to change the tempo and pitch of monophonic audio recordings, without noticeable artifacts and without affecting the soul and quality of the original source.

Bridging the gap between traditional MIDI and audio editing, all notes detected in the audio material can be converted to MIDI notes. In conjunction with the revolutionary Note Expression feature, this opens up further creative possibilities, such as building new arrangements or orchestrations on top of recorded vocals — a whole new approach to using vocal melodies in the creative process.

Music notation and score printing

The Score Editor is a completely integrated full notation environment, which lets you view and print your music in the form of scores, with full support for just about all symbol, display and editing options that this entails. With support for lyrics and remarks, as well as drum notes, guitar tablature and lead sheets, the Cubase Score Editor includes hundreds of professional notation symbols. Simply select the tools needed to create fully professional score layouts for others, including soloists, orchestras and choirs.

True surround

Mixing for surround or thinking of moving to surround? The fully surround-capable architecture developed for Cubase puts all these capabilities at your command in the context of a surround mix. All Cubase VST 3 plug-ins are fully surround-ready, intelligently adapting their I/O configuration as required for mono, stereo or surround. With its complete multi-channel audio signal path from input to output and the ability to export to the MP3 surround format for convenient delivery and distribution, Cubase offers a consistent  end-to-end surround workflow.

External effects and instruments

Cubase supports the integration of external effect devices and external instruments, such as hardware synthesizers or hardware signal processors, into the sequencer signal flow. Just define the necessary send and return ports and access the instruments/effects through the VST Instruments window. When you put them on an insert slot, the external FX/instruments are loaded into the effect slot just like a regular effect/instrument plug-in. It’s that easy!

Professional format support

Cubase supports industry standards such as the project interexchange OMF format (import and export), standard MIDI, Wav, Aiff, MP3, OGG, Rex2, SD2, WMA, W64. The state-of-the art video engine also supports HD videos with common formats.

Intuitive multitrack editing

Cubase is equipped with Track Edit Groups for simple and efficient editing of multitrack recordings. Saving time and effort, this function allows multitrack editing with single click actions.

VST Expression 2

VST Expression 2 revolutionizes working with instrument articulations by allowing seamless and transparent editing of articulations and dynamics in the Key and Score Editors.

Note Expression as the newest addition to the VST Expression feature set is the smart way to assign, create and edit multiple controller values directly on single note level — all in one handy graphical interface. The perfect choice for demanding orchestral arrangements and creating unique sound effects, Note Expression allows controller values to be drawn directly onto single note events in the Key Editor. Breaking the traditional MIDI limitations opens up entire new creative possibilities — imagine a chord containing different filter sweeps, volume curves or dynamic expressions for every single note.

MIDI Devices

With MIDI Devices you can create you very own custom MIDI maps and take control of your hardware or software equipment with variable User interface components by transmitting MIDI CCs or even sysex data. Cubase also includes ready made maps to use for several types of instruments and effects.

Additional automation modes and tools

Cubase features more automation modes and tools, including a dedicated automation panel that is serving as a central point of control for all automation settings. Cubase also offers more commands to manipulate automation data such as the Suspend Read and Write options, which exclude parameters from playing back or recording automation data, adding extra security when automating large projects.

Control Room

Engineered exclusively for Steinberg and unavailable on any other software workstation, the Control Room section is a unique recording and monitoring environment seamlessly integrating performer mixes and monitoring setups into your recording and mixing workflow. Control Room enables you to control and switch between several different speaker setups in different configurations on the fly, create and manage up to four unique studio mixes feeding performers their own tailored mix, use the integrated talkback function, and manage audio sources feeding from tape, CD or DVD — all from one easy-touse panel.

Channel Batch Export

The Channel Batch Export is a new way of exporting individual tracks to create archives or exchange projects with other production systems. As an extension of the Export Audio Mixdown window, Channel Batch Export allows the export of the audible output of a multiple selection of mixer channels to audio files. Channel Batch Export is also an ideal way of reorganizing a project to give the maximum available CPU power, with all files and VSTi tracks exported to audio tracks, freeing up system resources.

More effects

Cubase 6 adds 19 audio effects to further expand the mixing arsenal:

  • GEQ30 is a graphic equalizer with 30 bands, featuring drawing of EQ curves, an invert parameter, and seven different response types.
  • Tonic is a versatile and powerful analog modeling filter designed to be a creative tool to add color and punch to any track.
  • VintageCompressor is modeled after one of the most famous vintage compressors. Easy to use but very effective.
  • MultibandCompressor features four independent bands with three crossover frequencies. Each band has its own independent compressor (with Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release und Makeup Gain). It features independent Solo and Bypass per band, and auto mode for automatic attack/release control. Each compressor band has an independent automatic make-up gain.
  • DeEsser is a special type of compressor for gently reducing excessive sibilance in vocal recordings.
  • Expander reduces volume of signals below a defined threshold. It features auto-release and “live” mode for low-latency use.
  • SoftClipper offers independent 2nd and 3rd harmonics controls for adding warmth.
  • Roomworks is a highly adjustable algorithmic reverb plug-in for creating realistic room ambience and reverb effects in stereo and surround formats with adjustable CPU usage.
  • REVerence is the world’s first VST 3 high-end multi-channel convolution reverb processor, being capable of emulating speakers, analog gear and any natural room or hall imaginable — in stereo or surround with over 70 responses included.
  • StudioChorus features a powerful dual-stage chorus, with separate filter stages and a spatial parameter for creating modulation offsets between channels and also in surround configurations.
  • Cloner simulates the effect of double-tracking by creating up to four “cloned” signals from the original input source. Cloned signals have variable delay, detune and panning. Very useful — not only for creating thick backing vocal performances from single tracks.
  • ModMachine is a powerful multi-stage delay/modulation effect, combining a wide-range delay with LFO controlled delay time, as well as a resonant filter with dual LFOs for frequency and resonance modulation.


  • Multiscope can be used for viewing the waveform, phase linearity or frequency content of a signal.
  • SMPTE Generator sends out SMPTE time code to an audio output in order to synchronize other equipment to Cubase.
  • Test Generator generates an audio test signal for measurements and testing purposes, including sine, saw and various types of noise.
  • Surround Panner is used for positioning the sound source dynamically in the surround field.
  • MixConvert allows downmixing of surround channels for monitoring purposes.
  • Mix6to2 allows controlling the levels of up to six surround channels and to mix these down to a stereo output.
  • Mixer Delay is the tool of choice if you need to delay certain signals in your audio system.

More instruments and sounds

Two virtual instruments are added with Cubase:

  • Embracer: a simple but powerful polyphonic synthesizer designed entirely for producing pads and accompaniment sounds with full 360° surround support.
  • Monologue: a monophonic analog synthesizer based on physical modeling technology. It offers full, rich and colorful sounds without consuming a lot of CPU power. The Monologue synthesizer is the perfect tool for bass, lead and sequenced sounds. Cubase 6 also includes the HALion Sonic SE Pro Sound Set, which adds almost 400 highly professional sounding instrument sounds. In total the available instrument sounds increase from 1,100 (Artist) to more than 1,900 in total (Cubase 6).