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  • 01Waves L1 DRY00:08
  • 02Waves L1 WET00:08
  • 03Waves L1 DRY00:16
  • 04Waves L1 WET00:16
  • 05Waves L1 DRY00:08
  • 06Waves L1 WET00:08
  • 07Waves Q10 DRY00:12
  • 08Waves Q10 WET00:12
  • 09Waves Q10 DRY00:08
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  • 11Waves Q10 DRY00:10
  • 12Waves Q10 WET00:10
  • 13Waves AudioTrack Full Mix DRY00:25
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  • 15Waves AudioTrack Drums DRY00:25
  • 16Waves AudioTrack Drums WET00:25
  • 17Waves AudioTrack Bass DRY00:25
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  • 19Waves AudioTrack Ac Guitar DRY00:25
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  • 01Classic Machines Demo00:50
  • 02SIX00:22
  • 03EIGHT00:32
  • 04NINE00:36
  • 05SIN V00:23
  • 06LD 100:32
  • 07LD 200:31
  • 08Rep 100:25
  • 09Rep 200:17
  • 10UBER X00:21
  • 11SEQ00:18

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  • 0101 RoomWorks SE Drums00:18
  • 0202 RoomWorks SE Piano00:23
  • 0303 RoomWorks SE Guitar00:31

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  • 01Analog Keyboard00:14
  • 02Bumping Comper00:09
  • 03Detuned Poly00:11
  • 04Double Sub Bass00:04
  • 05DX Harmoni'K00:09
  • 06Echoing Stab00:10
  • 07EDM Stab Synth00:09
  • 08Electro Bass00:08
  • 09Faded Saw00:11
  • 10Glider Rider00:17
  • 11Hollow Pad00:15
  • 12Lost In The Wind00:19
  • 13Low Kick00:09
  • 14Orchestral Pad00:23
  • 15Pad Organ00:21

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  • 01Poly Brass00:16
  • 02Pulsar Code00:16
  • 03Rich Bass00:17
  • 04Sequencer Bass00:07
  • 05Shadow Bass00:10
  • 06Snappy CompSynth00:15
  • 07Soft Filtered Brass00:06
  • 08Soft PWM Pad00:11
  • 09Straight Rezo Bass00:11
  • 10Synth Strings00:17
  • 11Synthetic Cello00:13
  • 12U-No Drone00:10
  • 13Ultra Drone00:22
  • 14Vincent Was Here00:13
  • 15Wide Micro Pad00:26

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  • 0101 Spin FX DRY00:08
  • 0202 Spin FX WET00:08
  • 0303 Spin FX DRY00:08
  • 0404 Spin FX WET00:08
  • 0505 Spin FX DRY00:08
  • 0606 Spin FX WET00:08

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  • 01Full Mix DRY00:25
  • 02Full Mix WET00:25
  • 03Drums DRY00:25
  • 04Drums WET00:25
  • 05Electric Bass DRY00:25
  • 06Electric Bass WET00:25
  • 07Acoustic Guitar DRY00:25
  • 08Acoustic Guitar WET00:25

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  • 01Smear Demo ORIGINAL00:49
  • 02Smear Demo TIME-STRETCH00:44
  • 03Smear Demo PITCH-SHIFT00:49
  • 04Cubasis 2 Demo ORIGINAL1:26
  • 05Cubasis 2 Demo TIME-STRETCH01:26
  • 06Cubasis 2 Demo PITCH-Shift01:26
  • 07Acoustic Demo ORIGINAL00:25
  • 08Acoustic Demo TIME-STRETCH00:25
  • 09Acoustic Demo PITCH-SHIFT00:25

New features in Cubasis 2

Get fascinated by the brand new features that Cubasis 2 comes with such as real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting, a studio-grade channel strip, Spin FX, massive instrument refills and many more powerful features.



New in Version 2.5

Native-resolution support for iPad Pro 10.5″ and 12.9″

Thanks to Cubasis’ excellent tailored iPad Pro user interface design, the app once more easily excels in terms of improved usability, ease of use and lightning-fast operation.
Not only enjoy razor-sharp graphics and text, but also a dramatic increase in the number of visible tracks in the arranger and mixer, substantial workflow improvements and much more. And while we give you the added option to switch resolutions, we clearly doubt you will ever look back…

Freely assignable effect slots

Without freedom of choice there is no creativity. While Cubasis comes with pre-loaded award-winning channel strip and StudioEQ effects per track, you’re now free to replace them with other effects of your choice. And give your sound a good polish, utilizing the five assignable insert plug-ins per track — no matter if Inter-App Audio, Audio Unit, or internal effects.

MediaBay multiple file import*

Perfect timing is often critical, but also crucial when ideas arise. Cubasis provides excellent and unmatched usability, helping you to capture your inspirations right there on the go. To speed up your workflow even more, Cubasis 2.5 allows to import multiple files at once, thanks to its revised import feature available in the MediaBay.

Maintenance and improvements

Cubasis sets standards in terms of usability and feature richness when it comes to recording, editing, mixing, and publishing your music on the iPad. Being musicians ourselves, we don’t want anything to come in your way, to block you from giving your creativity free rein. Next to the new feature additions, Cubasis 2.5 includes several user-requested improvements to provide best possible performance paired with utmost stability. For the complete list of improvements, issues, and solutions, please visit us at

*MediaBay multiple file import requires iOS 11.

New in Version 2.4

Audio Unit MIDI*

Audio Unit MIDI support introduces new possibilities for sequencing and controlling instruments in Cubasis. Enjoy using third-party AU MIDI plug-ins such as arpeggiator, step sequencer, LFO and many more to create staggering creative tracks. All at the simple touch of a button and perfectly integrated in Cubasis.

Files app support*

With Apple Files app support, Cubasis 2.4 lets you easily view, manage and organize all your files — right there on your iPad, or with iCloud Drive, and across other cloud services. You have a myriad of possibilities: create folders, select multiple files, move or share content, use drag & drop, store backups and so much more.


Cubasis perfectly integrates an array of in-depth features, high performance standards and utmost feasibility. Including many user-requested improvements, Cubasis 2.4 maintains rock-solid stability and exemplary performance to pave the way for your creativity. Visit us for the complete list of improvements, issues and solutions at

*iOS 11 required

New in Version 2.3

Waves goes Cubasis

Waves is the world’s leading manufacturer of award-winning effect processors celebrating their 25th anniversary. Debuting on the iOS platform with the release of a fine selection of pro- grade effects that are exclusively available through in-app purchases in Cubasis, version 2.3 pushes back the boundaries of mobile music production.

Waves AudioTrack Channel Strip (in-app purchase)

AudioTrack delivers the vast capabilities of three professional Waves processors in one powerful and easy-to-use effect. It gives you all the functions of a mixing console’s channel strip — compression, EQ and gating — in one convenient, intuitive processor.

Waves L1 Ultramaximizer (in-app purchase)

The advanced level maximizer that comprises look-ahead peak limiting and high-resolution re-quantizing, represents a powerful all in one industry-standard plug-in for mixing and mastering. Renowned for its transparency and punch, L1 has been the standard tool used on countless hit recordings over the past couple of decades. Step up Cubasis with the L1 to make your tracks sound professional, with proper loudness levels that will let them stand out!

Waves Q10 Equalizer (in-app purchase)

Waves’ iOS reincarnation of the world’s first paragraphic EQ, the Q10, delivers 10 bands that allow you to boost or cut the exact frequencies with surgical precision. With powerful features that surpass the capabilities of analog equalizers by far, it is obvious why Q10 by Waves remained the pro’s first choice for many decades.

Waves Plug-in Bundle (in-app purchase)

Get three Waves all-time classic plug-ins combined in an unbeatable, price-reduced bundle. The bundle includes the L1 Ultramaximizer to create tracks with proper loudness levels that stand out above the rest. Use the fully-equipped channel strip that comes with the intuitive AudioTrack Channel Strip plug-in. Boost or cut frequencies with surgical precision using the Waves Q10 Equalizer. This Waves bundle instantly provides pro-sounding results from mixing to mastering and is exclusively available via Cubasis in-app purchase.

Audio Unit automation

Cubasis was one of the first iOS apps to offer a perfect integration for Apple’s Audio Unit standard. A torchbearer for mobile music production, Cubasis today provides one of the most extensive automation systems available on iOS. With Audio Unit automation support added, Cubasis 2.3 now lets you record subtle parameter changes from your favorite Audio Unit instruments and effects on the fly.

Audio Unit user presets

Witnessing the continuous growth of various great iOS apps is a joy and we aim at being closely connected to the wide world of instrument and effect app manufacturers who support the Audio Unit standard by Apple. With Cubasis 2.3, you now have the possibility to save and load all your favorite Audio Unit user presets hands down.

Cubasis effect user presets

Cubasis provides an extensive effect library that is designed to polish your tracks to perfection, including loads of sound engineering standards and creative effects like the pro-grade channel strip. Save and load Cubasis effect user presets at lightning speed by the touch of a single button — all in Cubasis 2.3.

Over 200 effect factory presets

Version 2.3 comprises a massive and unique-sounding library of over 200 factory presets for the internal Cubasis effects. Crafted by veteran producer Allen Morgan, who has a long list of credits from Nine Inch Nails to Dolly Parton, this library pushes back the music production boundaries covering all instruments, genres and styles.

More than 70 FX Packs (in-app purchase) factory presets

The two exclusively available in-app purchases — FX Pack 1 and FX Pack 2 — deliver six great-sounding effects processors per pack. With version 2.3, the FX packs now comprise a total of more than 70 dedicated factory presets, making these lovely- sounding effects sound even better than before and for exisiting customers, of course they won’t cost a dime.

SDK updates & further improvements

We provide you with the best possible user experience, highest performance and rock-solid stability when using Cubasis to capture your creative moments. Next to the large number of new features, Cubasis 2.3 adds the latest SDK’s of Audiobus 3 and zplane’s élastique. This latest installment also provides fixes and improvements throughout several areas of the application.

Waves Plug-Ins (in-app purchase) requires iPad 4 or higher, iPad mini 2 or higher models.
Audio Unit and Waves plug-in (in-app purchase) automation requires iOS 10 or higher.

New in Version 2.2

Classic Machines (in-app purchase)

Refill Cubasis with the unmistakable sounds of the ten most wanted iconic drum machines of the ’80s. Beautifully desgined and perfectly recreated, all Classic Machines host endless arsenals of funky fresh beatbox sounds that not only invented hip hop, house and techno and shaped pop music back in the ’80s, but also define most contemporary genres today.

Note repeat

Program beats and chords the easiest way via the intuitive note repeat control. Create repeating synth patterns or program uplifting beats quickly. Simply choose one or more of the available values to creatively program chord segments or beats — no second-guessing, Cubasis does all the math.

Track duplicate

Do you want to record a second track using the exact same settings that shaped a previous track to your content? Why re- adjust all parameters manually? Wouldn’t it be great to unwind and focus on the perfect take instead? Cubasis does the job for you! Just choose a track and tap the button for a duplicate — it’s perfectly easy.

Pad mapping copy & paste

Cubasis is widely rated one of the most intuitive DAW apps available on iOS and it will not annoy you with confusing menus and unnecessary tasks. Easily transfer your favorite drum and chord pad mappings to other tracks, all it takes is two simple taps and it’s done.

Reset option

When inspiration strikes and a problem crosses your way, Cubasis has it covered with the new Reset option. With this new option introduced, a smooth relaunch is assured in the rare case of an unexpected issue with Cubasis up and running. Simply flip the corresponding switch and you’re good to go on — it’s located in the iOS app settings.

New in Version 2.1

Audiobus 3

Audiobus established its reputation as a well-known standard for live app-to-app audio recording on iOS for some time past. With MIDI support and straightforward integration in Cubasis 2 realized, connecting your favorite MIDI controller and filter apps, whether simple or complex, has become easier than ever via Audiobus 3.

MIDI Editor refresh

Relish the ease of use and ultra-intuitive workflows when creating or mastering your MIDI tracks in the refreshed MIDI editor. Perfectly designed usability in the form of straightforward workflows ensures you’re getting your tasks done at the speed of light — whether you seek composing new MIDI parts directly in the editor or impeccably smooth editing to polish existing tracks.

RoomWorks SE*

Add a third dimension to your tracks with Steinberg’s highly appraised pro-sounding RoomWorks SE reverb effect, that’s now available in Cubasis. Designed for seemless use with iOS this powerful pro-quality reverb adds shine and extra sparkle to your tracks. Paired with an intuitive user interface that provides instant visual feedback at slightest parameter changes RoomWorks SE is as accurate as never before.

Over 40 improvements

Cubasis is known for profound features paired with outstanding usability. To assure that nothing blocks your creative flow, Cubasis 2.1 includes more than 40 user-requested improvements providing rock-solid stability combined with best possible performance. For the complete list of improvements, issues and solutions please visit

*User registration required to unlock RoomWorks SE reverb effect.

New in Version 2.0

Refreshed user interface

Cubasis’s unrivalled user experience has been once more fundamentally enhanced with version 2, due to its carefully redesigned user interface resulting in profound usability and easy, intuitive use.

Real-time time-stretching featuring zplane’s élastique 3

Perfectly tempo match audio loops to your song’s tempo on the fly using real-time auto time-stretching featuring zplane’s élastique 3. Or manually change the length of audio files as you wish, without altering pitches.

Factory audio loops tempo match

Cubasis’s exceedingly rich drum loop library is the source for your audio loops to use at your favoured tempo, simply by applying real-time time-stretching with a quick finger tap. It’s that easy.

Pitch-shifting with formant correction

Imagine this: you got all your tracks ready, only your singer requests the whole song to be in a different key. This is how you meet the demands: in Cubasis 2, simply change your audio’s pitch at the touch of a button and tweak it to meet the demands using the included formant correction.

Channel strip

Reach pristine audio quality with Cubasis’s high-end channel strip that adds a massive effect suite with a studio-grade cut filter, compressor, noise gate and tape/tube saturator to each channel. All of that combined in a single, handy interface that’s perfectly optimized for iOS-use.

Spin FX

Choose from a wide variety of DJ-like style breaks, tape stops, stutters and filter effects to tweak and mash-up individual tracks or even complete songs with the included Spin FX plug-in that has full automation support.

Micrologue sound refill

Cubasis’s critically acclaimed Micrologue virtual analog synth has been refilled with more than 75 boundary-pushing and modern sounds putting massive basses, atmospheric pads and strings, razor-sharp leads, evolving SFX/MFX and much more jewelry right in your toolbox.

MicroSonic TAPE instruments

MicroSonic’s TAPE instruments expansion carefully recreates the trademark sound of one of the most famous british rockbands of the '60s and adds extra sparkle plus that timeless classic vintage vibe for all kinds of musical genres.

MIDI Auto Quantize

To err is human and nobody’s perfect at all times. Use auto quantize to perfectly sync your MIDI tracks with the beat of your song while you record.

Maintenance and improvements

Next to the feature additions, every Cubasis update addresses several user reported problems. For the complete list of improvements, issues and solutions please visit

Version history

Cubasis continues to be refined as you can see from the available overview of new features and enhancements that have been introduced in previous updates. Cubasis version history