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“Nuendo is more flexible, faster and easier to work with multiple users than with other DAWs. And it’s amazing how deeply Nuage and Nuendo are integrated.”

— Fredo Gevaert, Temple Of Tune, Belgium


Nuage system solution

Brought to you in a serious collaboration between Yamaha and the pro-audio specialists at Steinberg, the Nuage system solution opens a new era in audio post-production. Nuage perfectly connects the pro-audio engineer via an intuitive tactile surface with the heart of the world’s most advanced post-production software — Nuendo. Perfectly integrated into your studio environment, the Nuage system solution combines operational speed with convenient workflows and comes in an elegant and professional chassis. It is flexibly expandable and grows with your studio business.


The Nuage System Solution include tactile hardware controllers, audio I/O interfaces and the software core: Nuendo. In addition, you may want to add the Nuendo Syncstation and further Yamaha equipment such as loudspeakers to create a seamless studio environment.

Control surface

The Nuage tactile hardware controller consists of separate master and fader sections. Whereas the master section is the perfect choice for editing, recording and monitoring purposes, the fader section comes with everything needed to conveniently create a professional mix in TV, film, multimedia or music areas.

Audio I/O interfaces

The Nuage system solution also consists of three high-performance audio interface units, usable individually or in combination as needed: 16-channel analog, 16-channel digital, and 8-channel analog + 8-channel digital.
The Dante audio network provides outstanding audio transmission quality and reliability as well as unrestricted system design and expandability in the studio and in situations where audio is to be shared with live mixing systems.

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Steinberg’s Nuendo represents the basis for all functions and features that can be operated via the Nuage controller hardware. Large parts of the Nuendo code base have been rewritten in order to make Nuendo the “brain” of the Nuage controller. This also includes the creation of completely new program areas such as the revolutionary mixer concept.

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Optional: Nuendo SyncStation

With the Nuendo SyncStation, you are able to connect and synchronize external audio and video systems and devices with your DAW of choice. Nuendo users in particular enjoy the benefit of being able to easily control all the synchronizer’s functions from within Nuendo. Be it for movie post-production, broadcast or music, Nuendo SyncStation is the right choice as soon as audio editing, foley, voice recording, multi-channel mixing, DVD authoring and much more needs to be in perfect sync.
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