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What is new in Nuendo 8

Providing unique features for game audio production, TV and film post-production and ADR workflows, ranging from an improved integration with game middleware over creative tools for sound designers through to a highly flexible direct offline processing system, Nuendo 8 truly is the new standard for audio-to-picture work.

Nuendo 8.3: The Virtual Reality release

Nuendo 8.3 represents a milestone in the world of Virtual Reality (VR) audio production — the first and only professional DAW to integrate an entire audio production workflow for VR.

Ideal for those starting off VR content creation, this updated feature set contains everything to start VR production easily without the need to laboriously search for, learn and integrate with other tools. Additionally, Nuendo 8.3 supports a plethora of third-party VST 3 VR plug-ins, such as Facebook 360. The internal VR functionality in Nuendo 8.3 is designed to be very similar to conventional surround production workflows, enabling the faster completion of VR projects.

Ambisonics support

Ambisonics is a technology that creates a spherical sound field. Unlike traditional immersive sound formats, Ambisonics is not channel-based; it uses an encoded bundle of multiple audio streams to place sounds anywhere within the sound sphere. The precision of positioning depends on the number of streams, and it is described as first, second or third order.

Nuendo 8.3 supports Ambisonics up to the third order and not only for mixing – Nuendo can record directly from an Ambisonics-capable microphone system, allowing you to capture live performances and positioning sounds in the spherical field with the utmost precision. You can also import preproduced Ambisonics sound mixes as Wave files and use the internal VST Ambisonics Panner to create an Ambisonics mix from mono, stereo or surround sources.

Panning audio in Ambisonics

Mono, stereo or surround channels can be routed to Ambisonics buses with the new VST MultiPanner to position the audio in the Ambisonics sphere. The Top and Rear view-orientations are bound to the head tracking viewing angle, meaning that whatever you see in front of you in the VR display will also be what is virtually “front” in terms of panning.

Game sound composing & production

Game Audio Connect 2

Nuendo 7 established a new milestone in game audio production with the introduction of Game Audio Connect that first enabled transferring audio files to Wwise. Now, Nuendo 8 takes things a huge step forward. Game Audio Connect 2 allows you to transfer interactive sections of your compositions from Nuendo as music segments into Wwise, including audio and MIDI tracks as well as cycle and cue markers, opening up a whole new dimension for game sound composing. Plus, you can now create Nuendo projects directly from Wwise segments, effectively allowing you to use Nuendo as a MIDI editor for Wwise.

Rename events from list

A correct naming scheme of your audio assets is very important for their implementation into game engines and middlewares. By importing a CSV file with all the relevant data, Nuendo’s new renaming tool relieves you from the weary task of renaming all events and gets the job done automatically.

Direct offline processing

Nuendo 8 brings the offline processing workflow to a higher level. The new direct offline processing allows you to apply your most often used processes and plug-ins as a chain for one or multiple selected clips. Auto Apply lets you use offline processing with the feel of real-time effects, but without the CPU load — keeping your MixConsole clean for the mixing stage. You can copy your process chain to other clips or save it as a preset to use it in other projects. The list of processes is always available for each clip, allowing for later non-destructive changes. Any change will be applied to all selected clips.

New in 8.1

Nuendo 8.1 includes a new Favorites section where you can store your frequently used effects with predefined parameter settings either as single-processes or as batch processes. You can now load FX Chain presets from the MixConsole and from Track Presets within the DOP window. Then there’s Auto Apply, which can now be turned off before changing parameters on an already loaded process or plug-in. To render those parameter changes, you just have to press the Apply button afterward. Last but not least, it is now possible to add a tail to the end of selected events for a natural-sounding decay when using time-based effects, such as delay and reverb.

Automatic Audio Alignment

With the new Audio Alignment tool, Nuendo 8.1 introduces another great time-saving workflow improvement, allowing you to transfer the timing of an audio event (set as reference) to another audio event or multiple events with a single mouse click.

Audio Alignment offers two different modes. There is the Standard mode for all kinds of sounds and music as well as the Voice mode, specially optimized to align speech or vocals with the same wording and language. You can also achieve different results by selecting a different warping algorithm in the Sample Editor. This is a very helpful tool, for example, when matching the timing of an ADR take or an alternative take with an original dialog recording without time-consuming manual work. It also helps you solve phasing problems from recording a take with different microphones.

Creative sound design on a higher level

Sound Randomizer

Time is a precious commodity. That’s why Nuendo is there to do the tedious work for you — automatically. Instead of duplicating and altering thousands of sounds manually, the new Sound Randomizer creates different variations of a sound simply by adjusting four parameters. The plug-in changes pitch, color, timing and impact of an audio clip creating completely new sounds and saving you loads of hours of repetitive work.

Sampler Track

The new Sampler Track allows you to turn any audio file into an instrument. After dragging a sample from MediaBay or your project onto the Sampler Track, you can play it chromatically and apply on-board filters and controls to manipulate its sound. Included is Caleidoscope, a dedicated sample library with hundreds of sounds and presets.

Workflow novelties

MixConsole History

Ever wanted to compare different mixes with just one mouse click? Allow us to introduce you to MixConsole History. It’s a great new feature that tracks all changes made in the MixConsole and easily lets you choose several stages of your mixing process just by selecting them from a list. This means you’ll be getting your basic mixer undo/redo, but it also allows you to experiment freely with which mix suits your project best.

The Lower Zone

Access all areas in the fastest and most convenient way. The new Lower Zone provides a neat and tidy overview. Your tools and editors are now just a mouse click away: the Lower Zone will enhance your workflow regardless whether you’re working mobile on a laptop or in a multi-screen studio environment.

User Profile Manager

The new Profile Manager in Nuendo 8 lets you easily store and recall program settings and preferences, including keyboard shortcuts, color schemes and more. Switch between different settings or migrate your very own custom Nuendo environment to another studio running Nuendo 8. The Profile Manager lets you take “your” Nuendo with you wherever you go!

Workflow and stability enhancements

Nuendo 8 introduces several new features that further emphasize stability, making the Nuendo experience a reliable one —and more comfortable as well.

Workflow enhancements

  • Plug ‘n’ play support for USB devices on Microsoft Windows
  • Enhanced track creation feature, which allows outputs to be assigned when adding new tracks
  • Improved ruler handling
  • Free shaping and editing of tempo information
  • Moving of consecutive automation events wherever you want
  • Faster duplicating of events or parts using a mouse
  • Quick access to render export dialog

Stability enhancements

  • New video engine for more stability and independence from QuickTime
  • New Plug-in Sentinel scans all your plug-ins at start up to check which are valid and which might harm your system’s stability
  • Running in 64-bit only makes sure that you benefit from the most modern technology available

Double-precision processing with the new 64-bit audio engine

With the new pristine 64-bit floating-point audio engine in Nuendo you will no longer need to compromise when it comes to quality, precision and realism. The advanced audio engine processes your effects, mixing and summing with double precision, performing each task with the utmost level of detail, dynamics and transparency.

Enhanced right zone

The right zone offers three new sections to speed up your workflow. The new File Browser allows you to browse, preview and import your media files right within the Project window. You can also have the master and loudness meters in the right zone and have control over your mix at all times. And there’s also the Control Room, providing direct access to your cue and monitor mixes.

Bézier-curves automation

Nuendo 8.2 introduces ultra-precise curves to create and edit smooth automation transitions and providing detailed automation lanes while maintaining a high-level of accuracy — while keeping the number of mouse clicks at a minimum. To top it off, the automation of tracks controlled by VCA faders incorporates all automation data of the connected tracks and remains completely on target.

Automation Range Tool

The new Range Tool allows you to edit your automation faster, easier and more conveniently. You can now create a range selection on an automation lane and edit segments by simply dragging the selection without having to create any additional automation markers. The Range Tool will adjust the level, create ramps and scale the automation in either absolute or relative mode.

Twice as many insert slots

Nuendo 8.2 now includes 16 insert slots per track, inviting you to experiment with rich effect combinations and plug-in chains that are bound to expand your creative horizon. Whether you want to have your plug-ins as pre or post fader effects, you can now easily drag the position of the separator in the insert rack and have full control of your signal flow.

Flexible Metronome

The new Metronome in Nuendo 8.2 is extremely flexible. You can create custom click patterns with up to four different accent levels in the new Click Pattern Editor and assign different patterns to the Signature Track. Load your own click sounds or select one of the many existing ones. Every metronome helps you keep in time, but Nuendo’s new Metronome does it so much more effectively.

Sampler Track enhancements

The Sampler Track has received some improvements that will enhance your workflow significantly. Dragging a MIDI part into the Sampler Control will instantly render it to an audio file. You can compare the different settings you make with the convenient A/B mode, secure in the knowledge that its undo/redo capability will always allow you to return to safer ground.


Adapt to Zoom

Adapt to Zoom is a very intuitive new addition to the already comprehensive zooming capabilities in Nuendo. Zooming out decreases the grid snap level so that editing the events can be moved around with a high level of accuracy. Zooming in increases the grid snap level for surgical edits within the Project window. Adapt to Zoom will always adjust the grid automatically to the zoom level, allowing you to focus on
your work without distractions.

Further improvements

  • Nuendo 8.2 features a deep integration of the Console 1 from our friends at Softube.
  • The Vintage Compressor, the Tube Compressor and Magneto 2 tape saturator shine with redesigned user interfaces and workflow-oriented improvements.
  • New FX chain presets for all kinds of instrument and vocal tracks, plus brand-new mastering track presets for different genres, round out this Nuendo version.

Immersive sound for an enhanced soundfield

Auro 3D support

The VST MultiPanner in Nuendo 8 not only supports Dolby Atmos, but can now also be used for mixing Auro-3D: mono, stereo and surround channels can be panned to Auro-3D.

The MixConvert V6 of Nuendo 8 is capable of up and downmixing Auro-3D mixes. Dolby Atmos 9.1 beds can be converted to Auro-3D and vice versa.

Dolby Atmos support

The VST MultiPanner provides Dolby Atmos support, including a channel-based 9.1 bed-mix and an object-based Dolby Atmos mix when using a Dolby RMU. In Bed mode, the panner offers the same functions as if it is used without an RMU and allows you to create the audio bed of your Dolby Atmos mix, while in Object mode, the panner pans audio objects.

For utmost flexibility, you can change an audio channel between Bed and Object modes even at a very late stage in the project and without the need to reconfigure the entire track setup.

Nuendo 8.1 comes with the RMU Connector for Dolby Atmos out-of-the-box.

New plug-ins and instruments

Frequency EQ

The new Frequency EQ plug-in delivers exactly that what you’d expect from a tool designed to enhance your productions, giving you options of microscopic audio surgery. Frequency offers eight bands, M/S support and Linear Phase mode for each band, Auto Listen to listen in on the adjustments you just made, Spectrum Display and even a musical keyboard to help you find the right tone.

HALion Sonic SE 3

HALion Sonic SE 3 is a stripped-down version of HALion Sonic 3 without giving up on sound quality and accessibility. The streamlined VST workstation lets you load and play a plethora of sound content: the SE libraries shipping with Steinberg’s digital audio workstations, VST Sound Instrument Sets for HALion and the custom user libraries created within the HALion 6 sampler and sound 

Retrologue 2

With many new features and improvements, Retrologue 2 has taken a big step forward, keeping its remarkable warm and raw analog sound. An additional envelope, a third oscillator and new polyphonic LFOs are just some of the enhancements in the synth section. The highly flexible arpeggiator and five brand-new FX, with the classic three-band Resonator leading the way, open up new possibilities for over 400 fresh presets that show off what Retrologue 2 has in store for you.

Updated plug-ins: AutoPan, Maximizer and others

Premium sound content

Pro Sound Effects library

Nuendo 8 comes with about 2 GB of sound effects (24-bit/48 kHz wave files including some 5.1 audio files) from the Hybrid Library 2017 by Pro Sound Effects. The library is fully searchable and licensed to you — 100% royalty-free.

Categories include Animals, Emergency, Fire, Foley, Horror, Household, Human, Impacts, Industry, Office, Science Fiction, Sports, Technology, Transportation, Warfare, Water and many more.

Production Grooves

Production Grooves feeds your Groove Agent with over 400 drum loops and presets for all contemporary styles of music. Whether you want to have basic drum accompaniment for a songwriting session or garnish your rock with some serious beef: Production Grooves gets you there!

Music features

Nuendo 8 will include “out-of-the-box” all-musical features from Cubase, previously available in the Nuendo Expansion Kit (NEK).

Score Editor

The Score Editor is a professional notation environment that provides many symbol, display and editing options, including support for lyrics and remarks as well as drum notes, guitar tablature and lead sheets. Simply select the tools needed to create fully professional score layouts for soloists, orchestras and choirs. The Score Editor includes more than 100 professional notation symbols and allows for import and export of MusicXML files.

Chord Track and Chord Pads

The Chord Track facilitates working with chords in a project context and enables transform and harmonize functions throughout the application. Advanced voicing options are used to reflect any changes made to the Chord Track to both MIDI and audio tracks processed with VariAudio in a harmonically correct and ear-pleasing way.

Chord Pads are a great way to playfully and creatively compose with chords. Jam with chords and patterns in real time and remote control multiple parameters to change chords on the fly. Chord Pads are playable via a MIDI keyboard and real-time parameters allow you to easily improvise chord performances by changing voicings, tensions and more as you delve into the endless possibilities that this exciting feature has to offer.

VST Expression 2

VST Expression is a groundbreaking technology by Steinberg that provides an ultra-intuitive way of working with instrument articulations, dynamics and multiple controller values. Its second generation is based on three core technologies: Note Expression, Expression Maps and VST Dynamics. Expression Maps help you work with musical articulations, while VST Dynamics allow for highly intuitive handling of dynamics. On top of this, Note Expression offers a revolutionary approach to create and edit multiple controller values in a single graphical interface, directly on the note they belong to — an invaluable feature for demanding orchestral arrangements as well as cutting-edge electronic music.

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