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New in Nuendo 8.2

The Nuendo 8.2 update introduces a considerable number of workflow improvements, complemented by flexible new tools and features for a wider range of applications, while also enhancing the overall quality of final productions.

VR ready

With the increasing demand of content for VR and 360° videos, Nuendo 8.2 introduces a new Ambisonics bus system (up to third order) and supports most of the current VST 3 VR authoring tools available for DAWs.

Ambisonics is a technology that creates a spherical sound field. In opposite to traditional immersive sound formats, Ambisonics is not channel-based; it uses an encoded bundle of multiple audio streams to place sounds at any place within the sound sphere. The precision of positioning depends on the number of streams, and it is described as first, second or third order.

The implementation of the Ambisonics bus in Nuendo is just the first stage of our continuous strategy towards providing a complete solution for VR audio production out of the box. The rest of the necessary tools for such tasks, including an Ambisonics panner, a headtracking system and a binauralizer, among others, will be implemented to Nuendo in a maintenance update later this year.

Double-precision processing with the new 64-bit audio engine

With the new pristine 64-bit floating-point audio engine in Nuendo you will no longer need to compromise when it comes to quality, precision and realism. The advanced audio engine processes your effects, mixing and summing with double precision, performing each task with the utmost level of detail, dynamics and transparency.

Enhanced right zone

The right zone offers three new sections to speed up your workflow. The new File Browser allows you to browse, preview and import your media files right within the Project window. You can also have the master and loudness meters in the right zone and have control over your mix at all times. And there’s also the Control Room, providing direct access to your cue and monitor mixes.

Bézier-curves automation

Nuendo 8.2 introduces ultra-precise curves to create and edit smooth automation transitions and providing detailed automation lanes while maintaining a high-level of accuracy — while keeping the number of mouse clicks at a minimum. To top it off, the automation of tracks controlled by VCA faders incorporates all automation data of the connected tracks and remains completely on target.

Automation Range Tool

The new Range Tool allows you to edit your automation faster, easier and more conveniently. You can now create a range selection on an automation lane and edit segments by simply dragging the selection without having to create any additional automation markers. The Range Tool will adjust the level, create ramps and scale the automation in either absolute or relative mode.

Twice as many insert slots

Nuendo 8.2 now includes 16 insert slots per track, inviting you to experiment with rich effect combinations and plug-in chains that are bound to expand your creative horizon. Whether you want to have your plug-ins as pre or post fader effects, you can now easily drag the position of the separator in the insert rack and have full control of your signal flow.

Flexible Metronome

The new Metronome in Nuendo 8.2 is extremely flexible. You can create custom click patterns with up to four different accent levels in the new Click Pattern Editor and assign different patterns to the Signature Track. Load your own click sounds or select one of the many existing ones. Every metronome helps you keep in time, but Nuendo’s new Metronome does it so much more effectively.

Sampler Track enhancements

The Sampler Track has received some improvements that will enhance your workflow significantly. Dragging a MIDI part into the Sampler Control will instantly render it to an audio file. You can compare the different settings you make with the convenient A/B mode, secure in the knowledge that its undo/redo capability will always allow you to return to safer ground.

Adapt to Zoom

Adapt to Zoom is a very intuitive new addition to the already comprehensive zooming capabilities in Nuendo. Zooming out decreases the grid snap level so that editing the events can be moved around with a high level of accuracy. Zooming in increases the grid snap level for surgical edits within the Project window. Adapt to Zoom will always adjust the grid automatically to the zoom level, allowing you to focus on
your work without distractions.

Further improvements

  • Nuendo 8.2 features a deep integration of the Console 1 from our friends at Softube.
  • The Vintage Compressor, the Tube Compressor and Magneto 2 tape saturator shine with redesigned user interfaces and workflow-oriented improvements.
  • New FX chain presets for all kinds of instrument and vocal tracks, plus brand-new mastering track presets for different genres, round out this Nuendo version.

Download update

Download the Nuendo 8.2 update now, and benefit from all the new features this new version has to offer for free.Download