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Simon Phillips Jazz Drums Presets

The drum kit expansions available in VST Sound Instrument Sets add complete drum kits and Styles to the library of the Acoustic Agents included in Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4. The drum kits feature a dedicated macro page and are available in 16-bit and 24-bit versions.

Each pack comes with a newly recorded drum kit and new Styles. The Styles are instantly available in the unique Style Player and can easily be adjusted in complexity and intensity. Additionally, each Style has a preset that can be loaded into the MediaBay, including the corresponding drum kit and matching mixer settings.

Preset List
Preset Name Kit Style Signature BPM
New Orleans Sticks Jazz 4/4 89
Boogaloo Sticks Latin Jazz 4/4 120
Full Swing Sticks Swing 4/4 168
Jazz Waltz Sticks Jazz 4/4 184
Up Swing Sticks Swing 4/4 111
Montuno Sticks Latin Jazz 4/4 119
Reggae Nation Sticks Reggae 4/4 147
Mid Swing Sticks Swing 4/4 118
Six Eight Sticks Jazz 6/8 210
Vintage Funky Sticks Jazz Funk 4/4 112
Mid Swing Brush Brushes Swing 4/4 118
Full Swing Brush Brushes Swing 4/4 168
Up Swing Brush Brushes Swing 4/4 111
Jazz Waltz Brush Brushes Jazz 4/4 184
Bossanova Brush Brushes Bossanova 4/4 140
Boogaloo Brush Brushes Latin Jazz 4/4 120
Montuno Brush Brushes Latin Jazz 4/4 119
Shuffle Brush Brushes Jazz 4/4 130
Six Eight Brush Brushes Jazz 6/8 240
Vintage Funky Brush Brushes Jazz Funk 4/4 138