Premium Spatial Monitoring Crafted For Your Ears

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to create truly immersive worlds of sound with your own, personalized HRTF. Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder enables you to experience the clearest immersive monitoring for headphones in Nuendo and Cubase Pro.

Your personalized HRTF in Cubase Pro and Nuendo.

Ideal for music, VR/XR, Gaming, and 360º video.

Accuracy and clarity in your spatial sound.

Personalized Spatial Audio

Thanks to the position and shape of our ears, our brains can locate sounds in all directions. But everyone’s ears are different and so the sound is uniquely altered on the way from the outer ear to your eardrum. This is your Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) - your spatial audio profile. Immerse uses artificial intelligence-driven machine learning algorithms to analyze thousands of features from a single picture of your right ear, letting you replicate your individual HRTF via VST AmbiDecoder in Nuendo or Cubase Pro. And, thanks to the power of cloud computing, it does this in a matter of seconds.

The benefits of Immerse

Utilizing Ambisonics is an ideal way to create immersive experiences in music, VR/AR/XR, gaming, and 360º video. Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder allows you to hear audio from all directions with just a pair of headphones, putting you right in the sweet spot of your sound scene. You will notice better spatial accuracy, hearing the location of each voice or sound source with precision. There will be better clarity in your mix, with less masking and better differentiation between each sound element.

Fast, easy setup

Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder is quick and simple to install and set up. You can create your personalized HRTF in seconds and use it inside the AmbiDecoder plugin in Cubase Pro and Nuendo. In this quick start video guide, you will discover how easy it is to do.

Producing In Ambisonics

  • Sound Design for VR, AR and 360 Video

  • Ambisonics Setup Guide

  • Mixing Music in Ambisonics

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You have done amazing work! Never before have I experienced such an out of the head feeling of my recordings. And we work a lot with 360° videos, VR and AR.
Thomas Aichingerscopeaudio

About Embody

Embody is a team of artists, engineers, gamers, and sound designers committed to pushing the boundaries of immersive entertainment and making it accessible to everyone. By combining the disciplines of acoustic science, artificial intelligence and sound design, Embody develops software tools and technologies that enable artists to create incredible immersive experiences.