Superior Remote Control From Yamaha CL And QL Consoles

Nuendo Live seamlessly integrates with Yamaha’s mixing consoles, the CL and QL series. Once connected, you can control all vital functions of Nuendo Live directly from the touch-sensitive surface of the console. Thanks to the Extension plug-in, a software adapter that facilitates the communication between the console and Nuendo Live, Yamaha console’s features, such as channel name copy, marker set and transport control, are directly reflected within Nuendo Live’s user interface.

Just one touch

Record, play, stop — everything you need is just a touch away. Plus the console also displays important information provided by Nuendo Live, such as current and remaining record time, making this system solution the perfect choice to master even the most demanding live recording tasks.

The close connection between Nuendo Live and Yamaha’s live recording desks can also be seen by means of the channel management. All channels of the console are represented 1:1 in Nuendo Live, including the channel order, names and even the colors are perfectly matched between software and hardware — integration at its best.