Streamlined, State-of-the-art Live Recording

The power of Nuendo Live lies in its main purpose - recording live performances. Focus and simplicity are the key, as it includes just all you need for the live recording process and nothing more. The streamlined workflow and state-of-the-art engine of Nuendo Live 3 delivers maximum reliability and great results, helping you to capture the perfect recording of every performance.

Dongle-less licensing system

Nuendo Live 3 now supports Steinberg Licensing, an account-based license management system which doesn’t require an external hardware dongle. You no longer need to worry about a USB e-Licenser being lost, damaged or stolen, or it accidentally being knocked out of the recording computer during the show. It also offers the advantage of letting you work offline, so you can set recording sessions up in advance more easily, ready to hit record the moment that the house lights dim.

New Project Template Assistant

One of the most-requested features has been the new Project Template Assistant. Offering a simplified workflow which matches Nuendo Live 3’s streamlined features and operation, instead of saving files as a dedicated template format, now you can use any Nuendo Live 3 project as a template for your next recording. For example, if an artist is playing several shows and you want to record them all, you simply record the first show, then quickly and easily save the setup as a new project for the next one.

  • Native Apple silicon support

    Nuendo Live 3 offers native support for Apple silicon and ARM processors. Take advantage of the astonishing efficiency and processing power of today’s Mac computers, while being completely confident that your recording session will go smoothly, without any glitches or CPU overload.

  • State-of-the-art audio engine

    The entire audio engine has been updated and it’s now up to par with Cubase and Nuendo’s latest generation engines. Adjustments to seamlessly work with the latest processor types and countless optimizations and corrections in recent years take Nuendo Live to a new level of efficiency.

  • New user interface with HiDPI support

    All elements of the user interface have been updated to a new, slick design. It is easy to operate and looks great on today’s HiDPI screens.