The Professional Choice For Broadcast

Nuendo is the right choice for the creation and handling of audio assets for broadcasting. With built-in tools such as Loudness measurement and processing, Loudness track, broadcast audio formats up to 22.2 and a plethora of batch export and editing capabilities, it is ready to provide the finest audio to any radio, TV or online broadcast production. Through its open architecture and APIs, Nuendo can be connected to a range of media management systems for the direct exchange of audio assets in a variety of formats such as AAF, MXF, BWF and more. Nuendo is the professional choice for broadcast applications.

Ingest and Import

Nuendo supports a broad range of formats in unparalleled quality. You can work with files up to 384KHz and record hundreds of audio tracks at once. Nuendo provides utmost compatibility with many formats such as WAVE, Broadcast-Wave (BWAV), AAF, MXF (audio), OMF, several video formats including ProRes and MP4, as well as DNxHD files and more.

Ultra-fast audio asset editing

When it comes to editing a broad range of audio formats, Nuendo’s unparalleled capabilities range from mono and stereo up to multi-channel formats like Dolby Atmos and immersive sound formats. From multi-track surround editing and folder asset-editing to multi-take comping and picture-follows-edit workflows, Nuendo has everything onboard to facilitate the editing process and is capable of handling large projects containing thousands of single audio events.

Processing of audio files

When time plays a crucial role, such as in newsroom productions, any unnecessary step in the workflow process needs to be avoided. The new Direct Offline processing in Nuendo dramatically speeds up the refinement of audio assets, allowing you to apply your most often used processes and VST plug-ins as a chain for one or multiple selected clips. Auto Apply lets you use offline processing with the feel of real-time effects, but without the CPU load, keeping your MixConsole clean for the mixing stage. You can copy your process chain to other clips or save it as a preset to use it in other projects. The list of processes is always available for each clip, allowing for later non-destructive changes. Any change will be applied to all selected clips.

Renaming tools

A correct naming scheme for your audio assets is very important when handling a large amount of audio files. By importing a .csv file with all the relevant data, Nuendo’s renaming tool releases you from the wearying task of renaming all events by doing the job done automatically

Loudness measurement – realtime and offline

One of the most important tasks in creating and delivering broadcast-compliant material is to deliver assets which conform to loudness standards, such as EBU R128. Nuendo comes with a fully integrated loudness meter, capable of measuring integrated, momentary and short-term loudness, which are shown by graphical values. This enables you to keep track of the loudness of your audio material — be it a ten-second advertising spot or a one-hour TV series — and deliver in EBU-compliant formats. The Loudness Range display keeps you updated about the overall dynamic of the signal and, if the material is getting too loud, the peak warning algorithm keeps you informed.

While common loudness tools only show specific values in real-time, Nuendo writes a loudness curve on a separate track, based on short-term loudness and while indicating true peaks. This dramatically speeds up the process of judging if the mix is EBU-compliant. Loud and quiet scenes can now be mixed with unmatched precision, allowing you to achieve a greater sense of balance in your mixes.

Loudness processing

The automatic loudness processing feature lets you optimize loudness quickly and efficiently by exporting audio files at user-defined loudness levels. This helpful feature caters not only for industry-standard EBU values (-23 LUFS), but any user-defined loudness level. True peak values for rendered audio are also user-definable. Because all settings have been conveniently integrated into the Export Settings dialog box, they are also available for more complex rendering tasks – for example, in conjunction with cycle markers or with batch export functions. And, of course, optional peak level limitation is also available.

Exporting assets to network

Nuendo also provides a comprehensive, yet efficient, set of audio export features. The Channel Batch Export function allows you to simply render audio files from all channels or freely selected groups of a project in one go – for example, overnight.

A newsroom editor can even export spotted scenes of a project via the Export Audio Mixdown menu. Of course, Channel Batch Export is able to automatically export scenes, regions and even snippets of sound effects or pieces of music in one go.

All exported files can be fed to a network server and can be saved as one new project, just containing the exported files.

Nuendo SyncStation synchronizer

With the Nuendo SyncStation, you can connect and synchronize external audio and video systems and devices with Nuendo, while controlling (almost) all Syncstation functions directly from within it. Be it for radio or TV broadcast, Nuendo SyncStation is the right choice as soon as your production chain needs it be in perfect sync!