This is what some of the most renowned music producers and film score composers had to say when they first laid their eyes on the latest feature additions in Cubase Pro 11.

Benjamin Wallfisch: “I just love how Cubase feels like it’s made for musicians. When you are in the middle of trying to craft an idea, there is very little that comes between you and the idea.”

Pinar Toprak: “Cubase functions the way my brain works… I can’t imagine doing what I do without Cubase to be honest. I love it!”

Ian Kirkpatrick: “The reason that I always loved Cubase was that I can work as fast as I think… All of the things you showed me today only improved on that.”

Lindsay Rimes: “Looking at these new features, you guys have covered a lot of ground across all the areas in Cubase.”

Cirkut: “I am really excited about the new version that is coming out. I think that there are a lot of big improvements that really raise the bar.”