Get Started with SpectraLayers

Learn to get the most out of SpectraLayers with these video tutorials. Whether you‘ve already worked with SpectraLayers for a while or are just starting with it, these videos will show you how to quickly achieve great results.

Getting started

Adding SpectraLayers as an ARA Extension to Your Project

Selection Tools Overview and the Concept of Layers

Introduction to Tools and Processes

Use Cases

Removing Drum Bleed From a Live Recording

Removing drum bleed from the backing vocals tack in a live recording is easily achievable with…

Removing the Click Track From a Recording

In this video, Simon Michael demonstrates how to use SpectraLayers to remove click track bleed…

DeBleeding Toms

This video looks at how to use SpectraLayers to clean up the recording of tom microphones that…

Reverb Matching

Learn how the reverb match function can take the reverb profile of a programmed drums track and…

Removing a Wrong Note From a Violin Recording

In this video, Simon Michel uses SpectraLayers to find an accidental wrong sustain note from a…