Audio repair and post-production sweetening converge.

Speed, precision, workflow, results… this is the formula for success in post-production audio editing. SpectraLayers delivers with AI-driven processes, matchless manual editing tools, and ARA 2 integration with Nuendo and Cubase. Program power can be focused on tasks ranging from minute spot fixes on the DAW timeline, to sonic transformations across entire projects.

Enhance, restore and repair

SpectraLayers was highly respected for its repair and restoration capabilities long before the advent of AI-driven processing. Now, second-generation AI makes all SpectraLayers tools even more effective and enjoyable to use. AI does the heavy lifting, clearing the way for the other tools to work with a new level of precision and finesse.

Flexing the tools

SpectraLayers Pro 7 introduced AI-assisted processes in 2020. End users' explorations have revealed that these new processes, although named after specific tasks, can work wonders in all sorts of situations. This is no surprise — SpectraLayers has always responded to creative calls and now, with AI, there's a new world of uncharted territory for you to explore.

Multiple strategies

In SpectraLayers, there are different ways, and different combinations of ways, of performing noise, reverb and hum reduction, click and clip repair, de-essing, de-bleeding, voice denoising, EQ/ambience matching, and much more. Every tool and process is part of an active, dynamic big picture, and it's getting better all the time.