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Teaming up with Future Music to deliver the next Studio Session with Cubase, we head over to Los Angeles to visit producer, remixer and multi-instrumentalist ARKADI at his studio where he talks about production techniques and how Cubase inspires his creativity.

This five-part Studio Session provides insights to ARKADI's musical background, how he uses a variety of the capabilities that Cubase has to offer as well as looking at vocal and beat production. Watch this space for weekly released episodes to find out more on how and why ARKADI uses Cubase

Episode 1: Sidechains, Kicks and Compressors

In this first episode, ARKADI tells us about how he discovered Cubase, why he thinks it’s the perfect DAW for electronic music and how he works with groups and sidechains. He also explains why – believe it or not – he only ever uses one kick drum sound in all of his tracks.

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Episode 2: Creativity with Cubase

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Episode 3: Editing and Mixing Vocals

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Episode 4: Creating Drum Tracks

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Episode 5: Five Best Things About Cubase

In our final session, ARKADI counts down his five favourite aspects of working with Cubase. From…