Get tons of creative instruments, with over 130 GB of sound content for every kind of music production. Explore over 7,500 presets, next-generation synthesizers like Padshop and, with Groove Agent and Backbone, some of the best VST drum plug-ins available. And if that is not enough, you can easily build your own sample instruments with HALion.

More than 130 GB of instruments and 7,500 inspiring presets

First-class sample libraries for bass, choir, orchestra and keys

New: Drum re-synthesizer Backbone

New: Vintage keys Amped Elektra

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Neo Soul Songwriting

Neo Disco Production

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Sampler & workstation

HALion 6

A remarkably powerful sampling and sound design tool, HALion 6 is the main plug-in for many of the

HALion Sonic 3

HALion Sonic 3 features thousands of great synths, deep-sampled acoustic instruments and

Synthesizer and electronic music

Retrologue 2

With classic vintage analog synth sounds and attention-grabbing sonic bites, Retrologue 2 is

Sounds of Soul

Four decades of synth sounds combined in one beautiful Retrologue expansion.

Padshop 2

Padshop 2 is a unique synthesizer which features two engines - granular and spectral - that both


Electronic and acoustic sounds that complement and oppose each other at the same time.


Soaring through space like a bright star, Skylab’s unique combination of a huge sample library and


Anima features a huge palette of cutting-edge synth sounds. Coupled with a powerful arpeggiator


Many of the most famous analog synthesizers from the past inspired Voltage. Adding the sonic range



Hot Brass

A multi-sampled brass library with gloriously fat, tight and authentic sounds which are perfect


Model C

Variously described as smoky, punchy and silky, the Model C is a tonewheel organ emulation which


Amped Elektra

Smooth like butter, beautiful like a sunset, warm like a summer’s night. Amped Elektra is for the

The Eagle

The Eagle grand piano has a rich and transparent sound which is ideally suited to modern pop, rock

The Grand 3

Five meticulously sampled, outstanding pianos from Yamaha, Steinway and Bösendorfer, bringing

The Raven

The Raven is a grand piano that delivers a beautifully rich, harmonic sound with stunning nuances

Drums & percussion

Groove Agent 5

With fantastic electronic and acoustic drum kits, brilliant MIDI grooves, live sampling, beat

Future Past Perfect

This Groove Agent Expansion delivers a toolkit for New York House, Future House and Techno.


The beat is the backbone of a track. With Backbone you can intuitively design drums with up to

Prime Cuts

Created by British producer Beat Butcha, Prime Cuts brings the latest hip hop rhythm sounds to

Rock Essentials

There is nothing quite like a hard-hitting rock beat to drive a song along. Rock Essentials brings

World Percussion

From Africa to Asia, Europe and many other places, World Percussion allows you to play and record


B-Box is a step sequencer for beats and drum tracks. It features 13 instruments and 16 steps, each


Electric Bass

Three legendary basses combined in one extremely realistic instrument.

Cinematic instruments

World Instruments

World Instruments brings a huge array of music from different cultures to your productions. These

Dark Planet

The perfect creative tool for cinematic scores and music with genuine suspense, Dark Planet

Studio Strings

Combining great playability with vibrant sound, Studio Strings is a string ensemble sample library

Symphonic Orchestra

If you ever need a complete symphony orchestra at your fingertips, HALion Symphonic Orchestra is


Olympus Choir Micro

This lightweight, user-friendly choir instrument is the perfect tool for composers who need a

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  • Inspiration. That is what I am looking for. Absolute 5 is an incredible time saver, loaded with a colossal arsenal of sounds and a hefty collection of high-quality instruments which have allowed me to confront any challenge I’ve faced each time I receive requests for sound design or composition. All of these commendable aspects of Absolute 5 have allowed me to perform my work fast and effectively, and, most importantly, to continue to be constantly innovative while focusing on my creativity.
    Robert DudzicSound Designer

Grace Period Update

Customers who have activated Absolute 4 since 22 July 2021, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to Absolute 5.

Grace Period Info

Get inspired with VST Instruments

Neo Soul Songwriting

Producing a synthwave track

Neo Disco Production

Preset Walkthrough of Neon Drifts

Fate Takes Its Course by Martin Wiese

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