HALion 7

Absolute Collection now comes with HALion 7, a groundbreaking, premium-quality software instrument, developed to help you create world-class music and sound design. Delve into the iconic sound of FM synthesis, harness the power of spectral synthesis, embrace a new approach to modulation, create and customize unique envelopes, be inspired by new effects and much more.

FM Lab

FM Lab is your all-in-one FM synthesizer for HALion. Modern, intuitive and powerful, FM Lab allows you to design sounds from the ground up. Assign modulations via drag and drop, use different oscillator presets or design complex algorithms in a fun way — it’s entirely up to you! Worried about programming? No problem — FM Lab comes with hundreds of cutting-edge presets, ranging from classic sounds with a new twist to some of the most contemporary and progressive FM sounds ever produced.


Tales is a beautifully recorded guitar, designed for every story you want to tell. It brings together contemporary acoustic sounds with additional guitar and synthesized textures to inspire every note you play. Recorded with open strings, muted notes and harmonics, like every great guitar Tales delivers instant inspiration every time you play it.

What was new in Absolute 5


One of the most innovative plug-ins for drum sound design and re-synthesis. Layer, re-synthesize and decompose samples into noise and tonal parts. Thanks to many unique features and superior workflows, you can make 808s fatter than ever, design cinematic hits, and craft your own signature drum sounds.

Amped Elektra

A rare vintage electric piano which has been completely restored by the manufacturer, sampled from the DI signal and reamped through three legendary amps like “The Tower” from 1949, a Fender Twin and Ampeg V4. If that was not enough classic gear, we have also included unique impulse responses from different reverb units through the decades. Now that’s what we call a character instrument.

Electric Bass

This awesome electric bass library is based on samples and combines these with advanced physical modeling. This new concept allows you to create the sound of classics in no time at all, from J-bass to P-bass and even the MM-bass. It comes with seven articulations from fingerstyle and muted to slapped and an authentic auto legato and slide function.

Polarities for Padshop 2

The Padshop 2 expansion Polarities plays with the concept of contrasts and confrontation, like divine and evil, tonal and noisy, frozen and moving. You can morph the sounds or split polarized sounds on the keyboard. It’s another great expansion by sound designer Simon Stockhausen.

Sounds of Soul

This Retrologue expansion covers the greatest synth sounds from more than four decades of soul music. More than 400 presets programmed by Dave Polich, who programmed and produced for artists like Michael Jackson, David Foster and Sergio Mendes.

Future Past Perfect

Future Past Perfect is the perfect drum toolkit for music in the style of New York House, Future House, Progressive House and Techno. This expansion is exclusively created for Groove Agent by producer, DJ and composer Dean Coleman, who moves crowds in global hot spots from Brazil, Paris and Ibiza to New York.

What was new in Absolute 4

Padshop 2

Featuring granular and spectral synth engines that both let you work with samples at a microcosmic level, Padshop 2 lets you create completely new, previously unheard sounds.

Grace Period:

Customers who have activated Absolute 5 since November 1 2022, are eligible for a free, update to Absolute 6. Go to your MySteinberg account. Go to "Vouchers". If you don't see a voucher, please make sure that the eLicenser containing the license is registered in MySteinberg. After registration, it can take up to 24 hours until the free update is available.

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